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  1. robert s hardin says:

    155th ahc stagecoach, 69-70 crew chief tail #409 i think

  2. Jim Brainard says:

    I changed my address if this is needed for the current roster email me.
    I’m glad to see lots of website and FaceBook activity regarding the 155th.
    May God bless us all and keep us safe!
    (sheet metal shop March 68 to March 70)
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  3. sam belshaw says:

    We lost one of our own to the effects of the liver fluke Ron Moore came over with us in 1965 in the early days samb

  4. sam belshaw says:

    We lost

  5. Joe Kinder says:

    Mike…Boy o boy, what a trip finding your number. Glad you posted it. sent a pkg to 3 different addresses and they were returned. Later…Joe.

  6. Lee McGriff says:

    The last Triple Nickels

    I am just back from NYC where I put to rest my last uncle, who was the last surveying member of the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the “Triple Nickels”, the first and only all black paratrooper unit in the Army.

    You can read about him in the NY Times and numerous other papers and post. Stars and Stripes also wrote an article

    NY Times,

    Lee McGriff, 155, 1st Platoon, 66-69,Raventree International

  7. Dave Skoog says:

    Patti Lang and I, Dave Skoog plan on being at the 2018 reunion in Reno. Like the idea of Huey rides, paddle boat trip, trip to Nat Guard, etc. All sounds like fun

  8. Earl Leverett says:

    I was on the reactionary force at the 155th 1969 & 1970. Does anyone remember the night that the reactionary force was awakened because the enemy had been spotted inside the fence by the tower down past the flight line? We were loaded in a truck and taken to where they had been spotted. We arrived at area and spread out trying to locate enemy but to no avail. Once we got back in the truck all hell broke loose. I believe it was a rocket that hit the tower and caught it on fire. I think one or two of the guards were wounded. I remember lying in a ditch by the truck and not being able to tell where the enemy fire was coming from. I’m pretty sure they knew where we were though.

  9. michael a borer says:

    joe kinder tried to call you in october my ph is 307 630 0611 call me i need to talk

  10. Earl Leverett says:

    I’m Earl Leverett and I was wounded during the rocket attack on the 155th on Oct 25, 1969. The Army has no record of me being wounded or being in the hospital even though I was presented the Purple Heart. My question is who remembers me and what happened the night of Oct 25, 1969?

  11. R. Keith Lane says:

    Wondering about some of the guys I flew with because my memory is very poor these days. I am particularly interested in who was with me near Bao Loc when a rocket motor blew up right in front of the tubes and nearly shot ourselves down. It caved in the left pilot’s door, blew off the skid from the front cross tube forward, and blew about a five inch hole in one of the rotor blades right behind the main blade spar. We had a heck of a one to one on the way back to Bao Loc, but didn’t relish the idea of setting it down in a free fire zone.

    From May ’67 to May ’68, Stagecoach 20/Falcon 5

  12. Buden,Dean 67 n20 arrived in country April 9,67 to April 5 68 ,615 transport det says:

    Worked as a sp/4 maintainence crew chief team leader, and flew with the wrecker team.

  13. paul fadz says:

    Wayne Coward, just viewed yur videos they are really alot of great shots I wish I had , didn’t know you took movies could have teamed up. is there audio to them like mine. woul you have a side view from nose to tail of a slick or gunship with minnis taken on the ground? contact me. Paul

  14. paul fadz says:

    miss you John Gann you were and are still a good friend. we had a good time jamin and I hope you still do. You have a great talent.trying to get back Az. and getting back to you would be a great reward. the pic you sent me of the blues men hang in my instrument area. Paul Woz Fadz. Falcons for ever. over and out

  15. john gann says:

    today, Sept. 25 2017, is 50 years since I lost a leg in V.N , , 9-25-1967 . I want to thank my door gunner, Vince McDonough for saving my life and for giving me these last 50 yrs.. Proud to have been an Army Aviator , with the 155th AHC. FALCONS FOREVER!!!! GON’ HOT!!!!


    FALCON 049

  16. Denny Fenlon says:

    This was on Facebook and I thought it was a definition of why we did what we did. Whether you were Medivac, slick or gun, we all felt that way, and still do. Pretty cool story.
    Copy and paste in your bowser and watch your he Medivac video.

  17. John Bledsaw says:

    Sp5 Johnny Bledsaw Crew Chief and Gunner on stagecoach during Tet Offensive 69 pleiku kontum lz kate duc lop when they were under siege the first sergeant was shot my crew went in blue and back to Camp Coryell he was still alive when we handed him off to the Medevac and for you guys I have the utmost respect I don’t know if your first sergeant made it but he was still alive when we handed him off his heart had stopped three times I’ve been in country two weeks as a door gunner I think my crew chief name was Matt Mattson or Matthews I can’t remember couple weeks later I got my own aircraft as crew chief was part of the Airlift at Hamburger Hill.

  18. Mike Sullivan says:

    My brother was a medic at Ban Me Th out, 68-69. His name is Eddie Sullivan. If anyone from that time frame remembers him I would appreciate to hear from you about him. Good or bad. Thank you and God Bless you all for all you did for your country.

    • John Oldham says:

      My name is John Oldham and I was with the 165th Transportation Maintenance Detach mentioned front 4/6/67 until 3/29/68.

      In the early hours of Tet, I was in the main gate guard tower that took a direct mortar hit. I lost a good portion of my hearing. I reported my hearing loss to a medic in the early AM, but never new his name. Was your brother at Camp Coryell on 1/30/68?

    • Samuel A Cruzan says:

      I was a fellow medic and good friend with Eddie. He left a few months after I got there. I heard from his parents after he returned home and was shocked. Never saw it coming.

      • kerry pardue says:

        I was with 8th medical detachment for a bit of time in 1968. Dr. Mirman, Lloyd Beemer, Alan Rosenbaum, Bill Pishlo, Peanut Reyna, Wayne Wheeling, and a couple of others were there. I got sent down to 9th Infantry for the rest of my tour. We do remember Eddie. We would like contact information with his family if possible.

        • Mike Sullivan says:

          Mr Pardue,
          Thank you for your information. I would very much like to stay in touch with your group and hear more about my brother. I’m not on Facebook anymore for my own reasons but that may change. If so I will find you and will see hpw that goes. Thabk you for your service amd God Bless You. My email is:

    • kerry pardue says:

      I was with 8th medical detachment for a bit of time in 1968. Dr. Mirman, Lloyd Beemer, Alan Rosenbaum, Bill Pishlo, Peanut Reyna, Wayne Wheeling, and a couple of others were there. I got sent down to 9th Infantry for the rest of my tour. We do remember Eddie. We would like contact information with his family if possible. Most of us are on facebook

  19. Shannon Feltus says:

    Does anyone remember the name Michael “Mike” Buchan? He was a door gunner forming ships and has photos specifically of one names “Natural Death” in 1968.

    I was reading stories on this site and it’s like hearing his stories told from a different perspective. Mike is my dad and I have always searched for any info about his military years. Lots of it blacked off his records so it’s tough.

  20. Earl Leverett says:

    My name is Earl Leverett I arrived at the 155th Sept. 69 and was assigned to P.E. crew. After several people on PE crew left I was considered to be head of crew and after awhile I was assigned to the engine shop. Best I remember it was me an one civilian in engine shop. I was also on the reactionary force that reported to headquarters bunker during attack. I was wounded during a rocket attack in Oct. 69.

  21. Michael Forbes says:

    I am Michael Forbes, crew chief, July 69/70

  22. Joe Kinder says:

    Mike.. Tried calling you, the number is not working. I sent a package and it was returned.. Are you still in country? Ha Ha.. Joe

  23. Mike Lach says:

    1975: Vietnam War – Xuan Loc falls to communists

    1975, April 21
    Xuan Loc, the last South Vietnamese outpost crucial in defending a direct North Vietnamese assault on Saigon, falls after North Vietnamese launched a major offensive to capture the provincial capital of Ban Me Thuot. I picked this off the new wire today.

  24. Don Greer says:

    I volunteered to fly wit stagecach in 1968 I wonder if anyone remembered a pilot named Mr. Green?

    • Bo Dolph says:

      I was with CCS starting in Jan 1969. I was in a chopper crash piloted by a Mr. Green on May 23, 1969. Ken Donovan piloted a rescue chopper, he could possibly give you more information about Mr. Green, if he is the same Mr. Green

    • Dan Gwaltney says:

      Yes, Jerry Green was a 2nd Flight Platoon pilot, and a darned good one. As far as I know we don’t have any contact with him. Join us on Facebook and someone might know where he is. Just to a search for 155th Assault Helicopter Company and request a membership. 😉

  25. I have a story for 155 newsletter.

  26. webmaster says:

    Tigerhsark 35, 192nd Assault Helicopter Company , RVN 69-70 VHPA L00680
    Jim Godfrey
    Fort Worth Texas

    Subject: Looking for help compiling information for history book. 155thth AVN

    Hi 155th:

    Greeting from a fellow 10 CAB pilot from the 192nd. I have a spot in my heart for the 155th. In Nov 69 Terry Kirkpatrick and AC and crew picked me up when we were shot down at Bu Prang. Terry was a flight school classmate of mine (69-10). I always have appreciated that help from you guys.

    Now – the reason for the email.

    Can you help with a history project by posting this request on your site or sending it to your members of the 225 th?

    I am looking for help in a large history writing project for future publication. This is a race to document this material before we all fade a way and our kids or grandkids sell these artifacts in an antique store or worse, throw them away. Much like the recent books by John Brennan documenting the helicopter nose art and helicopter names of our units, I am compiling information on some additional items of our aviation unit histories.

    I served as a pilot in the 192nd AHC 69-70. Tigershark 35

    What I am looking for.

    1. – First and Formost ? The Personal Calling Cards that many units had. Did your unit have them? Please let me know what you have. Many gun teams and other units had them. Our gun team had them and I still have mine. (192nd AHC Tigersharks)

    2. Helment Art. This is a huge project. I want to document this colorful part of our part in the Vietnam war.

    3. Any unique signage for your unit, kill tally sheets, mottos, signs relating to your logs and insignia. Any other unique paper items.

    Please contact me with if you have any of this type material. No material will be published without your permission.

    This is big project and a race against time. Help us to document these items and our history.

    Thanks in advance – Welcome Home

    Tigerhsark 35, 192nd Assault Helicopter Company , RVN 69-70 VHPA L00680
    Jim Godfrey
    Fort Worth Texas

  27. Ron Ranft says:

    My name is Ron Ranft. I arrived at the 155th 4 days after Tet and was immediately assign a ship. The only name I remember was James Mott who was my door gunner for the whole time I was there. I recently got in contact with him on Facebook. For some reason I never thought to go looking for a site for the 155. After 6 months I rotated out to the 92nd AHC across from Cam Ron bay. Spent most of my time at a small strip in the Central Highlands supporting the 101st. I’d like to swap stories with anyone who was there when I as.

  28. Don Pearsall says:

    I was assigned to the 155 in 67-68. Hope you guys will join my Facebook group: Military PTSD awareness. Got a great picture on the page

  29. Ed Koroshetz, Falcon 4 (1970) says:

    Wish to Thank Les for all the hard work for a great DC Reunion.

  30. Larry Pluhar Stagecoach 25 says:

    Had a great time seeing my old friends in Arlington. Was able to participate in two events that could only happen there – visiting The Wall and Arlington National Cemetery. See you guys and gals in Reno!

  31. john brennan says:

    Gentlemen, 4,000+ copter names recorded! Signed copies of, “Vietnam War, U.S. Army Helicopter Names, Vol 2, Second Edition” will be available from the author on October 2nd. Featuring 40 additional pages of text, 284 newly found copter Names, 3 new b+w photos and 2 new color pics. Email for ordering instructions. Rotors forever. PS The Vol 3 helicopter photo-book is slated for a late 2017 publishing date

  32. Gary "GR" Butler says:

    Looking forward to attending my first reunion next month in Washington DC.

  33. Larry Pluhar says:

    Jim Abbott or Dick Raines, if you read this send me an email

    Larry Pluhar

  34. Dan Pierelli says:

    People- I was on LZ Kate (Oct 29-Nov 2, 1969). You people gave us great support. Without Army aviation and the US Air Force, we would have lost more than we did. A Joker went down supporting us. CWO Nolan Black and his brave crew gave their lives for us. God bless them and all of you….Dan Pierelli

  35. buddy brueck says:

    I would like to say THANK YOU to the crews who brought deer out to our A-camps. I was the radio operator at Duc Lap 6/69-5/70 and we received many of these gifts from you guys. We and our CIDG were always hungry and these treats were very much appreciated.
    former SSG Buddy Brueck ( “Lizard” )
    5th Special Forces Group
    A-239 Duc Lap

  36. Al Natale says:

    Every time i come back to the 155 site it brings me back like i was there just yesterday i can see names and remember exactly what every one looked like,reading the barb at times makes me laugh,
    we made some great times in a bad situation will always remember my brothers good times and bad Al Natale Crew Chef 1st flight 69-70

    • john jenson says:

      I don’t know if you remember me I’m john jenson aircraft 313 you flew with me as a door gunner when you first started flying. Was good to see your name on the 155site hope to hear from you .

    • John Ahearn says:


      I saw your recent posting above
      and thought I would send you a note about Donald Skeen. He is an individual whom I have tried to track down. As you may recall, he was a 1st platoon crew chief during 1969 and he and I flew together frequently. Later in 1969, Dean Owen asked me to take on the extracurricular job of being company Property Book Officer. Soon after that Donald was promoted to Sergeant (E-5) and became Supply Sergeant. I was curious if you might remember him and possibly have any clues that could help find him out there. Might you remember what state or part of the country he was from? Also, I have often wondered if he might have made a career of the Army.

      Hope you are well and that we see you in DC.


      John Ahearn
      Stagecoach 11 (1969)
      John F. Ahearn
      11459 East Mission Lane
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85259-5828
      (480) 767-9290
      (480) 282-1060 (cell)

      • Al Natale says:

        Hi John sorry it took so long for me to get back to you lot going on here moving from suburbs to city i have thought a lot of Donald Skein but haven’t been able to find anything about him, i really would like to come to the reunion in DC but always think its better remembering every one they way they were back then.


  37. Looking forward to the Reunion in DC this Oct. Was in Daleville visiting with Dennis Harris a few weeks ago. Dennis is planning on being there. should be a good time.
    Norman W.
    Swafford Stagecoach 4 67-68

  38. Bo Dolph says:

    An email address for either Rick Menzel or Ken Donovan is fine. I have a mailing address for Rick Menzel but do not wish to correspond so formally with him, as I explained in the most previous epost.
    Thank You

  39. Bo Dolph says:

    19 Jun 16
    Sorry, I just realized how dramatic sounds. I received an email from Richard Menzel, I assumed it was from the only Rick Menzel I know. The message was an advertisement for some electronic devise. The only problem it was entirely in Russian! I then assumed it was from some identity thief & discounted it as such, but then I thought if the person(s) knew enough about him to know our only connection to one another, maybe he should be warned. I should also say that I was a victim of identity thief myself which can explain my caution. I would like his address to explain one last detail about our mutual meeting on May 23,1969. I know it is painful for him & I beg his forgiveness for this indiscreti0n.
    Thank You

  40. Bo Dolph says:

    19 Jun 16
    I need to get in touch with either Ken Donovan or Rick Menzel.
    Thank you

  41. Jarvis says:

    It’s great to view the photos and remember…the good and the bad 😎 😪

  42. webmaster says:

    This comment was sent directly to me, thought I would share it with all of the 155th AHC

    Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 6:33 PM


    Subject: 155th Assault Helicopter Company

    Dear friends,

    My full name: ROAN-XUAN-LE

    AKA: John Interpreter

    I was an interpreter at 155th Assault Helicopter Company from 1965-1968.

    I saw a text talked about 155th Assault Helicopter

    APO 96297 San Francisco California


    The Stage Coach Patch was on uniform of 155th Assault Helicopter Officers

    and the Falcon Patch was on the hats of the Pilots, Crewchiefs and Gunners of the Gun Ships only.

    The Stage Coach Patch was always on my uniform at the time I was an Interpreter of 155th Assault Helicopter Company.

    I remembered Mr. CORRYELL a CWO4 who was the first Officer sacrificed his life for the freedom of Vietnam, therefore 155th Assault Helicopter Company Compound was changed the name to CAMP CORRYELL.

    A other thing I remembered that all Stage Coach Patch and Falcon Patch were hand embroidered by a hooch maid named Mrs.HONG

    My Dear friends

    Every year the last Sunday of May. I remembered all the names of the Officers Pilots who were sacrificed their life for the freedom of Vietnam Country.

    But the freedom is not brought to Vietnam by the foreigners, The Youth and the Vietnamese People have to stand up in peace to welcome the Freedom.

    The Freedom will salute Vietnam soon.

    Very sincerely

    • Bob Elwell says:

      I’m Bob Elwell. I arrived on May 1, 1965, the day the company first arrived on the Iwo Jima. I was a non-pilot officer. I stayed until early in November of 1965.

      I quickly got the job of getting the local kitchen personnel and the housemaids. I met John quickly and he was invaluable to me in getting the help and maintaining the continuity of the help. I couldn’t have done it without him.

      I do remember his full name now that I see it.

      If John sees this, hello John.


    • Dave MacGregor says:

      Mr. Roan-Xuan. AKA John. I remember you well. I am glad you survived the war. I was a mechanic with the 165th. You once tried to show how to play musical instrument made from a gourd, or something like that. My name is Dave MacGregor, I wish you all the happiness, you can live with.

    • Thi Phu Nguyen says:

      Hello Mr. John Interpreter ,
      I just read your message , as I was browsing the 155th website .
      I remember you .
      My nickname is Jackey ( my real name : Thi Phu Nguyen ) .
      I used to work with you at Camp Coryell . I worked at the Postexchange ( PX ) , and also at the officer’s club . I had a collegue called Tuyen .
      Perhaps you’ll remember me . If so , you can send me a mail . After the war , I left Vietnam , and now I’m living in France . I wish you all the best .
      Many thanks to the Webmaster , for sharing your message .
      Best regards .

    • Ernest E Bryant says:

      I remember you John. I was there in 1965-1966. Slick PSG. Ernest E. Bryant SFC USA (Ret)

    • Ernest E Bryant says:

      I also remember.
      wonder what happened to Be’

  43. samuel belshaw says:

    I guess i did not post my comment last night so i will try again this morning 51 years ago those of us that sailed on the Iwo face a new day of filling sand bags to hake BMT our home SamB

  44. Steven Waters says:

    If anyone knew or has any memories of WO Terry W Nelson I would love to hear from you.I was almost 4 when he was killed. He was a Pilot and KIA in May of 1967. His sister Pam passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2015. I just got a tattoo (of your stage coach patch) in memory of him and every other hero that gave their lives for our freedoms. I thank you all, every Rank,Branch and Era
    Steve waters

  45. Philip White says:

    US Army Ret Sgt. Major Jackie Wayne White was born July 16th 1939 and
    slipped from the bonds of earth on February 11th. He served 20 years as a
    soldier in Korea, in Germany during the Cold War, in Vietnam and all over
    this great country. He distinguished himself during tours of duty in
    Vietnam with the 57th Gladiators in 1967, the Tet Offensive in 1968 and
    1969. He was awarded the Soldiers Medal of Honor for valor, the Silver
    Star for valor, the Bronze Star for valor and 2 Purple Hearts. He loved
    God, our family, the military, and The republic, which he all served with
    love and faithfulness. Dad married the love of his life, my mother Sandra,
    they were happily married for 54 years. My father is a hero in every sense
    of the word. Heaven has a true warhorse and my sister Amanda finally has
    her daddy by her side!
    His celebration of life service is scheduled for March 5th at 11:00 AM CST in Montgomery, Alabama in the sanctuary of First United Methodist Church.

    FUMC Montgomery, AL Directions from I-85
    From I-85 S (West Bound), take the Mulberry Street exit (#2) and turn left. Turn right on Carter Hill, and left on Dunbar. Dunbar will lead you right into the back of our church. There are signs from the Interstate leading you to the church.
    From I-85 N (East Bound), take the Forest Avenue exit (#2) and turn right. Follow the signs until you turn right on Carter Hill; then left on Dunbar. Dunbar will lead you right into the back of our church.,-86.2954095,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x888e81a8c487cca1:0xadb857c699ff713d

  46. Jim Anderson says:

    Looking for name of warrant officer who piloted a Huey from your unit that crashed due to mechanical failure due west of Kontum o/a 25 NOV 67. I was 1LT passenger taking NVA PW from Kontum to Camp Enari. Have pic. Figure I woulnt’ be walking this earth today but for him. Tracked unit from nose decal. Tail number not known. No fatalities, couple of minor injuries.

  47. Ron Polly says:

    Hey guys. It’s been awhile since I have read our pages. Wish I could remember who all the names are. Only remember a few names but do remember many brothers that served and flew along the great thing that were done.. As age goes rolling I wish I would have stayed in contact with my brothers.. May each of you and your families have best of the holiday season.. Thanks again, R. Polly CC 6717713

  48. Joe Kinder says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, hoping all are well.

  49. Robert Stucke says:

    I am interested the upcoming trip to Saigon. I have been thinking about going after the first of the year for 2 to 3 weeks.I’d like more info on any plans or time frame. I can be reached at or my face book page.

  50. Reid McQuinn says:

    I attended Duane Poulins funeral Service in Schroon Lake on Friday October 30th, 2015. It was attended by quite a few friends and relatives and a VFW Honor Guard took part in the service. I later spoke to the head of the honor guard and they were from the local post. He said he had been in the 119th in Vietnam in the earlier days when they had H-21’s. His last name was Donely. After the service in Schroon Lake, Duanes cremains were transported to the Gerald Solomon National Veterans Cemetery in Saratoga, NY and he interred with a military honor guard in attendance.

  51. Reid McQuinn says:

    I attended the funeral service for Duane Poulin. It was in Schroon Lake, NY. The VFW had an honor Guard there from the local post. They took part in the service. He had quite a few friends and relatives there. The commander of the honor guard had been a member of the 119th in Vietnam in the very early period and he said he had flown H-21’s there. It was probably when they were designated a UTTAS instead of ASSLT Co.. After the service Duane’s cremains where transported to the Gerald Solomon National Veterans Cemetery in Saratoga were he was interred with an Honor Guard in attendance. The service was on Friday October 30th, 2015.

    • Susan Poulin says:

      It was such a beautiful service. Reid, I was so happy to finally meet you in person. 🙂

    • DAVID SALATA says:

      Are you the same person that I attended Riverside School of Aeronautics with, 1975-1976, and were a CPT, US Army Aviator, during the Tet offencsive, 1968?
      David Salata

      • Reid McQuinn says:

        Yes, I attended the Riverside School at the time you mentioned and I was in the 155th during Tet, but I was a warrant officer then, didn’t get my commission until just before my last vietnam tour

  52. Al Owen says:

    To let everyone know that Duane was not forgotten, Les Davison drove from D.C. to Albany, apparently the weekend before Duane passed and visited him…. Here’s the note to Mike Andrews that we got from Les (note the date) ……The last time I saw Duane was at our hunt at Camp Coryell in the Adirondacks, October 2011…
    From: Falcon2
    Date: October 15, 2015 at 12:35:07 AM EDT
    Subject: 155 guy
    Hello Mike, Les Davison here. I was a pilot at BMT most of ’69 and ’70, flew a lot of missions with Duane Poulin all those years ago. I live near Washington, DC, drove up to visit Duane in the Albany hospital last weekend. He’s not doing well, sure is sad to see him going downhill. He mentioned that you had brought him a book about LZ Kate, he was very grateful for that. So I’m writing to pass that along to you – and to add my thanks for keeping in touch with Duane.
    Sorry, if I’d had more info last weekend, I would have come by and bought you lunch or coffee. Next time. Anyhow, thanks again, take care,

    • Howard G Ryder says:

      Just reread a stack of “Barbs” and a few E mails and saw your accounts of 23 Sep 68. I was the CE on the lead ship and I want to personally thank you for addressing the LOH crew and retrieving our butts that day. I don’t rember any of the pilots (Dag Nabit) but St Pierre was my gunner. I rember the last transmission from my AC “this is 26 where going down, on fire”. It took a second for my mind to catch up with the fact I just shot holes in my own acft. and the fact I was with 26. In all my research I am unable to come up with the tail number. The Gold Book does not list any losses for 23 Sep. 68. Can you help with this search?
      Again God Bless you and I owe you a bottle of your favorite.

      • Al Owen says:

        Hey Howard
        Good to hear from you !! I only knew that Cpt. Floyd Edwards was the A/C of your aircraft that day..
        I’m constantly in touch with Mike Andrews, who was my crew chief on that mission. I’ll pass your comments on to him and see if he might come up with a tail number… I’ll also do a little research and see if we can run it down ….
        Happy you guys ran the right way to where the good guys were !! lol It was a good idea to return for you guys with two aircraft and a Falcon fire team.
        We didn’t know how many wounded they had that I brought out and the second aircraft brought you guys home ….
        Lets keep in touch and hope to see you in D.C. in October!!
        I’m on facebook or you can email

      • Richard St.Pierre says:

        Hi Howard,

        My name is Richard St.Pierre and my father was your gunner. I’m glad I’m able to find someone who was there that knew my father. He used to tell us about how many times he was shot down but never talked about it much. I found his award about September 23 1968. I’m not sure you will see my message but I would like to talk to you more about him if you have a chance. Thanks

  53. Reid McQuinn says:

    Duane Poulins wife, Sue called me this afternoon and told me that Duane had passed away around 4:00pm this morning. He was a great guy and I’ll miss him.

    • Mike Andrews says:

      I just saw the notices about Duane’s passing and can’t help but think about the great reunion we had at “Our Camp Coryell”, our hunting camp in Mineville, NY. It was a time of tears, laughter and storytelling when in October of 2011, Al Owen and I got together for the first time since November of 1968 when I departed the 155th and headed home. It was a PROUD time at camp as we got to introduce Duane and Yourself to Al and for all of us to meet Tom Garvey, who was a Special Forces Team Leader that 5 of our aircraft had assisted in a time of crisis in August ’68 at Tieu Atar. Duane sure had a way of telling a story and was a great Friend to everyone he met !! He was my “Lucky Charm”, as on our first trip along the 4 mile Jeep ride along the dirt trail into camp for his first time, he spotted a young bull moose that had left tracks everywhere, but nobody had ever seen ! It was a special moment that I will never forget. Duane “Draino”, will be missed and loved, but never forgotten. Salute, Taps and God Bless ! Clear Left…Mike “Monk” Andrews, Crew Chief 66-16832.

    • Susan Poulin says:

      Thank you Reid! Much Love, Sue.

    • Susan Poulin says:

      Arrangements for Duane Poulin:
      A celebration of life will be held at Edward L.Kelly funeral home in Schroon Lake, NY on Friday October 30th 10:30 – 12:00 Followed by a full Military Honors at the Gerald B.H.Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery at 2:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Honor of Duane Poulin to the Wounded Warrior Project at

  54. Sylvia O. Bailey-Munoz says:

    I wanted to let you know that Duane “Drano” Poulin passed away last night (Saturday, 10-14-15) In the V.A. Hospital in Albany, New York.
    Do not know yet whether he will be returned to Conn. or to his home in Schoon Lake, New York where he has lived for many year. He was my son’s brother-in-law and we became really good friends. I treasure the bracelet he gave me made by the locals in Vietnam. The shirt he gave me will pass on to his daughter so they may always have something of the 155th. Duane was so proud of the 155th (Stage Coach & Falcons as well) and told endless stories. If anyone would like to know about his services you can contact me at my e-mail address. Duane’s wife (Sue) is in Albany now and will let us know her decisions and I can give the info to any who want it.
    Duane loved all of you very much……………………..

  55. Kurt Maassen says:

    Larry, I believe you knew my father, Dosie Maassen. Or at least served with him in the 155th. Any stories or info you can share would definitely be appreciated. I believe you referred to him as “Daddy Bear” in one of your barbs.

    • Randolph Evans says:

      I remember your father well. I was a medic at 8th Medical Detachment. We were medics for the 155th. Although he was not our boss, he came around and gave us a hard time. In a kidding around way. He was an E-7 at the time. He thought a couple of our medics were bums and thought they they should fill sand bags and pull guard duty. Medics didn’t do anything but tend the dispensory, fly with Stagecoach. We had a jeep, 3/4 pick-up, and ambulance. He dropped in daily. The front door was for sick call. The back door was the treatment room. I remember his 101st airborne patch. He was all over the base. He was a great guy.

  56. Norm Swafford says:

    gene Simmons sorry so long getting back to you hope to see you in doc at the reunion. I love getting together with the 155th. Gang. Finest men I ever knew

  57. ron carlson says:

    Arrived Banmethuot, May 20, 1963, MAAG Adv Tm #33, Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam, was company clerk, along with other duties..Sr Adv was Col Francis Madden, Detachment CO was Major Bible, Sgt Major Edwards and then Sgt Major Cassell, mail clerk was Jehrome Gohrick, Radio Operators were George Khria and Elmer Buard, Medic was Sam Van Scoyoc…We built the mess hall, the barbque pit and the tennis court, left BMT May 20, 1964

  58. steve schlah says:

    This entry is just to give a little more information to those of you who served in the 155th at Camp Coryell. It was named after “Mike” Coryell, who I knew well throughout high school at San Marcos High, in Santa Barbara, California. He was a quiet, though very friendly guy, who was my “artery” for getting cigarettes at the San Roque Liquor Store. During high school, off campus, he smoked so many Marlboros that his fingers were permanently stained yellow. After graduation, he enlisted into the Army, and as he wanted to ‘fly’, he became a Warrant Officer. At his grave site, in Santa Barbara, I left him as pack of Marlboros to see him through. He is sorely missed by his 1963 class mates and was mentioned at our 50th Reunion, in the summer of 2015. I wish I could show you here his 1963 Graduation photo. RIP “Mike”. Steve

  59. James G Patterson, Jr says:

    TY. I finally found something other than the official version about my dad.

  60. Vince McDonough says:

    My Dear Friend and Falcon Brother passed away yesterday. Steve Austin was in the 155th. from 65 thru 68 and took part in almost every action the company was involved in during that period. He will be missed by Family,Friends,and Falcons.

  61. Looking to confirm and perhaps find crews for 64-13586 who served with the 155th 10/66 thru 12/66…We believe she was either shot down or crashed then.

    • Dennis Michael Trux says:

      This could have been the crash I was in. @Boun Blech 15-20 miles north of BMT at end of day. Oct-Nov, totaled AC.

      • Terry Gallagher says:

        I would not rule anything out Dennis, but according to VHPA records, she was still flying with the 155th in December that year then went to 6th Army, Dugway PG in January of 67.. I was trying to chase down some crews that may have flown her in Vietnam to let them know she is alive and well and flying today wish the Charlotte County Sheriffs Dept in Punta Gorda , Florida. I was over to see her and take some pics a couple months ago….looking good!

        • Dennis Michael Trux says:

          Terry, I was Property book officer Dec 66 through my departure in July 67. We were flying D models as slicks and we had to turn them all in or near the first part of the year. I think it was about a 30 day period that all our flyable birds were replaced with H models. most had been damaged but only a couple major crashes. I had lost two tail rotors and two engines. I each before new year and one each after. I probably had a little time in all those 40 + aircraft. I’m glad that one of ours survived.

  62. Sam Belshaw says:

    On this day 50 years ago those of us that traveled on the USS Iwo Jima arrived in V.N. on our way to the central highlands for our stay in Ban Me Thout later to be named Camp Coryell

  63. mike borer says:

    joe kinder give me a call gunner 1967 stagecoach an falcons

  64. Mike Charrier says:

    For Chuck Markham. We were classmates in Fort Knox in 1968 – 69 (when, he was affectionately known as Igor). I hosted Chuck in Saigon in 1971 (or was it 72?) where I was a peace keeper (what peace you might ask) in Indo-China. I toured Texas with my wife in the mid-1980s and tried to look him and Mary up, but to no avail. As I recall Chuck had an unusual award / decoration. The Presidential Unit Citation and if my mind serves me correctly it was for leading a tank platoon in VN; that must be a very special honour. Only one regiment in Canada has the US Presidential Unit Citation and that was from Korea.
    I was trying to re-establish contact with my old friend (when I came across this site) to let him know that our colleague Charlie Dorr, also a former helicopter pilot, died in December at the age of 74. He will be buried in Arlington with full military honours in the next few months. Could you please pass this on to Chuck. Regards from Mike and Susan C.

  65. Bob A. says:

    Had a nice brunch with Granpa Fossil , Jeff Schrader’s name according to Zoe (Jeff’s Grandaughter) unfortunatly for jeff she told me and I have now told you

  66. Reid McQuinn says:

    Duane Poulin has a new room again at the Albany VA, and phone number also.
    The room number is 924 and his new phone number is 518-626-7025

  67. I was with the 165TC in ’65. I came over from the 140th TC. I was a 675.40 mos. Helicopter field mtc. I became a part time cook/part time mechanic, probably due to getting on someone bad side. I remember Maj. Yamagata very well. (One of the best C.O.s in the Army.) My good friend was Claude Greer. He rotated back. Then I hooked up with Chester Neville. I got a lot of pictures, and films. I have when Sen. Kennedy visited. I rotated back in ’65. Went to A&P school and made a career as a aircraft mech. with Delta. I hope to get in touch with other BMT guys.

    • John Grow says:


      Good to hear from you and I hope that you will be a permanent member of the association.

      You missed a super reunion in Las Vegas last November. Our next one is planned for October 2016 in Washington, DC and I hope that you can make it.

      It will be our 20th anniversary for the reunions, the first one was there in 1996 an I hope that you can make it.

      Keep checking the home page for details.

      I was a Falcon in 66-67 and spent my last two months in the 165th.

      Again Welcome and keep in touch.

      John Grow
      President, 155th AHC Association

    • Sam Belshaw says:

      Hi Dave;I am going to get those of us from the 165 th to make it to the reunion in 2016 I called Chet several years and we had a long talk. I took over the machine shop when Jim Feltman left and stayed until I was replaced by Bob Poland. SamB

      • smitty strevel says:

        I was in 165th in july 65 to july 66 eng. Shop looking for anybody that was there.I was the 11 cav. In 67 and 68 but the 165 was my home.

  68. Reid McQuinn says:

    Duane Poulin is now back at the Albany VA, where they can work on his building his prothesis. The infection is now under control. They apparently liked him at the connecticut VA, because when he left, the staff gave him a pillow of his own which they all signed. And when I called a nurse said she was upset that she didn’t get to talk to him and say goodbye before he left. His new Albany VA number is 518-626-7046. He’s in room 920 on Bwing.
    9th floor.

  69. Reid McQuinn says:

    Duane Poulin’s move from connecticut VA back to the Albany VA has been apparently put on a temporary hold. He believe’s that it is due to the widespread flu cases in the Albany area lately. His number is still the Connecticut VA number. 203-932-5711, ext. 7717.



    • John Grow says:


      Welcome. I do not have the answer to your question about getting crew member wings unless you have a copy of orders that put you on flight status to fly as a gunner. If you do have we can probably do something for you.

      Keep in touch with us through the web page and we will add you to the e-mail list for the Ban Me Thuot Barb, our quarterly newsletter.

      I became friends with one of the dog handlers and played with his dog Duke. A beautiful white German Shepard. I even have pictures of me playing with him.

      Again Welcome and I hope that you will be able to attend our next reunion in October, 2016 in Washington, DC.

      John Grow, President, 155th AHC Association

      • MICHAEL TINDALL says:



    • Richard e. Miles ,sp5, 165th says:

      During get ’68 a dog handler was caught in the open, he and his dog were severely wounded by a mortar round , his dog led him directly to my bunker and the dog would not let us help the dog handler until the handler muzzled him. Do you know the name of the handler or what happened to him?

  71. Reid McQuinn says:

    Tomorrow, Tuesday January 13th, Duane Poulin is supposed to be moved from the Connecticut VA hospital back to Albany VA. He says he is doing better now and the move is so he can be fitted with the leg prothesis and do physical therapy with it, and also so he can undergo speecn therapy. Will post his new address and phone number at the Albany VA when I get it.

  72. Matt Matthews says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my 155th AHC Association friends and their families a very safe, healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year.

    2014 sure had it’s challenges, disappointments, and tearful times. May 2015 be a blessing and great memory for you and yours.

    Larry “Matt” Matthews
    2nd Flt CE

    • Kurt Maassen says:

      Larry, I believe you knew my father, Dosie Maassen. Or at least served with him in the 155th. Any stories you can share would definitely be appreciated. I believe you referred to him as “Daddy Bear” in one of your barbs.

      • Larry "Matt" Matthews says:

        “Daddy Bear” was the platoon sergeant when I joined the 2nd Flight Platoon. At that time he was a true “bear” of a man. I shared more that a few beers with him in the Crossbow Inn (the Enlisted Men’s club).

        Daddy Bear was a fair man and cared for his troops. If you had any problems – with your aircraft, with other personnel, etc. you could go to your father for advice/help.

        You didn’t want to let Daddy Bear see you drinking what he considered too much if you were flying the next day – he had a concoction that I recall as hot water, mustard, and ketchup that he would make you drink until you puked – you didn’t want to do that more than once.

        Occasionally, Daddy Bear would fly for a crewchief or door gunner – he was good and professional.

        I believe we talked once when I was trying to chase down old friends – that was when you informed me he had passed away. That just didn’t seem possible to me.

  73. John Brennan says:

    Just to let everyone know I have submitted my latest book project to Hellgate Press who will be publishing “VOL 2, U.S. Army Helicopter Names In Vietnam”. Should be ready for the VHCMA reunion in June. Features 600 new helicopter names. However, new NAMES can still be added right up until the final edit. Quality in-country nose art photos are welcomed as always. Happy New Year everyone.

  74. Frank Miceli says:

    I want to inform you that Arthur J. Rizza died on November 7, 2012. He was a gun platoon crew chief from 1965 – 1966. It was the first year of the CoA/155th deployment to Ban Me Thuot. Art was a great person and an exemplary soldier. He made quite a transition from starting out as a cook, then becoming the mess truck driver. Next he became a flight platoon truck driver, flight platoon crew chief and finally a gun ship crew chief. He went on many missions and was awarded the Air Medal with numerous oak leaf clusters. He was a man of great integrity, honesty and love of his fellow man. I was honored to know him and have him as my best friend. May he rest in PEACE.

    • Milo Taylor says:

      I wonder if Frank Miceli happens to be the Frank Maceomi “Original Falcons” crew chief that crewed gimship 001 til it got shot down in flames. Been looking for Frank for many years. Some other crew chiefs in the Gun Platoon in the early days were Cook, George, Cassidy. Sorry to say that I can’t remember the other names. Time takes its toll. Another name comes to mind. Starling. Remember him because of a near miss incident. Gunships were lined up in the parking area on the right side of the BMT runway facing the town. Starling was rearming his ship and flipped on the Master and pulled the trigger to run the gun motors to pull the ammo out to the M-60s (We had the quad 60s with a 7 shot rocket pod underneath). He shot off a couple rockets on each side. I was checking the book, etc , (and doing other Platoon Sergeant duties) in a ship parked in front and offset slightly to the right. One rocket hit the Right Rear cross tube and cut it in two. We found marks thru the grass and red dirt left by the fins of a couple other rockets. Rockets did not go off before getting to BMT Town. Don’t remember if the warheads were ever found. Had I been standing on the left side of the Hog Ship the rocket would probably cut off a leg at the same time it cut the cross tube. I gave Mary Baldwin pictures of the Hog Ship sitting on its (posterior) with the crosstube cut. Was posted on this site after the Tybee Reunion. Another picture posted was of the Tiger in the back of a SF 3/4 ton. Was shot by a Montgnard at an small SF camp two or three miles to the East of our living quarters area. Shot with a carbine at night as the Tiger was aproaching the Guard. According to the SF Sergeant who brought it by the NCO Club tent. After a couple beers they took the Tiger to BMT and sold it for enough to throw a party. Had I known they were going to sell it I would have bought it and had it mounted. The SF detatchment was to protect the East dide of our compound.
      Would like to hear from any of the A Co.people that was there in the early days.
      My most vivid recollection of those days was when Capt Gilmer, Platoon Leader, was flying Tail Number 001, WO Hassart, Believe the name of the Gunner was Johnson (tall thin blond headed fellow) and myself (filling in for Maceomi who had been given the day off). Was on a CA not to far from BMT and was shot thru the LH fuel cell with a .51 cal. Instrument pannel lit up like a christmas tree and we went down in flames. Gilmer was a fantastic pilot and we hit just short of a banana tree plantation, ricked up on the skids and fell back on fire all over. Gilmer had a camera and after we had reached the cover of the Banana trees and four Yard troops, he turned around and took pictures. Flames were above the rotor. Gilmer refused extraction till all the wounded wewre extracted so we joined the American SF troops and made the march thru the village. Those pictures were on this website also. After returning to BMT we were lined up and presented the VN Cross of Galentry by the CG 23rd VN Division.
      I turn the computer on every morning and will answer any e-mails I get. Even the ones that say I am full of prunes.

      • Frank Miceli says:

        I was the company clerk who came over on the IWO Jima. I was at Ban Me Thuot from 1 May 65 until 16 May 66. Major William De Loach was the company commander and Captain Gilmer was the XO. If I remember correctly you were a flight platoon sergeant. As for Frank Macciomei, a friend of mine from Fort Riley, he passed away probably twenty plus years ago. I spoke to his son who was quite interested in hearing about his dad as his mother never wanted to address Vietnam.
        The nose of the ship with the “What me worry – Hell Yes” was a gun platoon ship UH-1B and my friend Art Rizza was the crew chief.

  75. Bob Maddox says:

    Wishing all a very marry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.
    Bob Maddox.

  76. Reid McQuinn says:

    In correction to my last post. Duane Poulins phone number at Westhaven Conn. VA is 203-932-5711, ext. 7717. I had posted it incorrectly before with the ext. as the last four of the main number. Sorry.

  77. Dale Gordon says:

    Does any body remember the baby elephant at 155. Anyway I have pictures of it.

    • Bob Maddox says:

      Yes, and I too have pictures. Some of us Falcons got a little tipsy one night and tried to stuff the little guy into a Stage Coach hooch. We got his trunk in but the little guy didn’t like it one bit and began to make that loud noise that elephants make and swing his head left and right. We panicked and abandoned the effort and he went back to munching on the banana tree leafs that had been brought in that day. I think it was banana tree leafs.

    • Dan whitson says:

      I have pictures of that beast! Rode her once and just as I slid off her back she side stepped toward a building, wedged my legs against her belly and the wall. Got one leg out, the other got twisted at the knee. Limped for a couple months. Swore I’d never ride another elephant! Thank God there aren’t too many in Missouri. Oh, I had had a few beers before the ride. Stupid is as stupid does!!

  78. Jim Brainard says:

    Hi everyone. It sure is sad to hear of so many of us has retired to the man above recently.
    I’m asking if anyone among us have written books or if any known book titles regarding our time spent at the 155th. To this date I have read Fred Lindsey’s Secret Green Beret Commandoes in Cambodia, great read!
    Merry Christmas to all.

  79. Ray Roalofs says:

    Trying to contact Les Davison
    Help, Please
    Ray Roalofs CW-4 Ret
    155th August- September 1967

  80. Reid McQuinn says:

    Duane Poulin is still at the West Haven Conn. VA hospital, his new phone number there is 203-932-7717. That number is the number at his bed. He is on the 6th floor in room 30.

  81. Dale Gordon says:

    I came to the 155 in July 1969 I was a mech for awhile then I volinterd as a door gunner for a short while I went to maitence and become a T.I. I stayed with 155 till the company disbanded. I was assighend to the 48th and went to Dong Hoa what a place it was then left there and went to Da Nang stayed there for a couple of three weeks and went home. Some of the experinces I or we had seems like it happened yesterday.I seen a couple of names I reconized which is good at least I know that they are still kicking. So if there is anyone who remembers me I say hello and still kicking plus when I retired now I bought a crusier motor cycle when I ride it feels like flying I like it

  82. Reid McQuinn says:

    Duane Poulin has been moved to a new room and has a new phone number. He is still at the Westhaven Conn. VA hospital but his new phone number is 203-932-5711, ext. 4441 and he is now on the 6th floor.

  83. Reid McQuinn says:

    Duane Poulin has been moved to the Westhaven Conn. VA hospital from Alabany VA. It’s closer to his mother and sister ( only a few miles away) and a closer commute for Sue, his girlfriend, now his wife. They were married in the Albany VA hospital. Her job is in New York City and this is closer to her. They are still working on clearing up his infections and he has physical therapy every day. His voice is still hard to understand but is getting better. His morale is higher at the new hospital. His phone number at the West Haven VA. is, 203-932-5711, ext. 7503, he would like to hear from you guy if you have a chance.

  84. Matt Matthews says:

    If you weren’t in Las Vegas for the 2014 Reunion you goofed big time.

    We had a great time – 52 BMT guys there with 40 wives, significant others, family members for a total of 92. Tell me that isn’t outstanding for a group of guys that last served together over 44 years ago (at the least). It was a good hotel and we had great weather.

    Fred and Joyce Yamagata (Commanding Officer ’65) provided ALL the refreshments in the Hospitality Suite and they took great care of us – many, many, thanks Fred and Joyce!

    We noted that we’ve had 21 guys that have passed away since the Reunion in 2012 – that’s a big wake up call to not miss the next reunion scheduled for Columbus Day weekend 2016 in Washington, DC. Point man for that reunion will be Les Davison working with John Grow (the new Association President).

    Start making plans now – don’t miss another one.
    2nd Flt Plt CE – 1970
    Larry “Matt” Matthews

    “the Database Guy”

  85. Reid McQuinn says:

    Talked to Duane Poulin tonight. He has been moved to Westhaven Conn. VA hospital and they are working on some more infection related problems, trying to clear them up before continuing his physical therapy. This hospital is closer to his mom and his sister and is a shorter trip for his wife. Yes he and Sue got married in the Albany VA. She is back to work now and westhaven is closer to her job. Duane said it was alright to give out his hospital room phone number if people would like to contact him. It’s 203-932-5711, extension 7503

  86. Marion Strevel smitty says:

    I was with the 165th 1965 to 1966. Eng shop and wrecker stagecoach 6.

  87. Marion Strevel smitty says:

    I was with 165 trans in 1965-1966. Eng. Shop and sometimes stagecoach 6 do you rember me anyone. Lived in the longbranch.

    • Marion. I can’t place you. I probably did know you in ’65. My name is Dave MacGregor. I hung with Chester Neville for most of my time in BMT. I knew a few other guys but most of their names, I forget. I remember a black Sgt. by the name of Sgt. Calvert. He was the only NCO I liked. I served as a part time cook/mech. This was due to getting on someone bad side. P.S. I remember two other mechs. Wagner & Provosco. I hope you are well, and have a good life.

  88. JEFF DILLEY says:


    • Dan Gwaltney says:

      Hi Jeff. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but Team 33 has a page with a small amount of activity on the MACV website.

    • Steve Speer says:

      Hey Jeff, SSG Speer here. We flew stiffer missions together while with MACV Team 33. Upon returning home, I graduated college as an industrial microbiologist working large scale fermentation producing amino acids and other microbial products. Had a great career, been married for 44 years, my oldest daughter is a dentist and my youngest daughter is a surgeon. I hope life’s been good to you. Vietnam and every war since has been, in my opinion, a dreadful mistake. I left the war behind, never looked back, focused on my career, my family, and doing as much good within each community I have hoped. Life has been very kind to me and I feel fortunate.

  89. Bob Maddox says:

    Hello all,

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that Keith Marchbanks passed away on 22 October 2014. His wife, Ruth has requested that in lew of to please donate to the 155 AHCA, care of Jeff Schrader. 6815 Middlebranch Ave. NE. Canton, Oh. 44721. Or the Wounded Warriers Program. Sorry, I don’t have that address.

    Thanks and see you in LV

    Above is the website for Wounded Warrior Project. There is a “Donate” button and a link to “Donate in honor or memory”.
    Will pass this on to the officers and bring to LV. If it is OK with you, I think I can revise your “Guest Book” post to include this also.
    See you in LV.

  90. Jack Coonce says:

    Ray Douglas and I are planning on playing a round of golf in Vegas on Friday morning, Nov 7.
    If anyone is interested, give one of us a call.
    My Phone is 520-825-1877

  91. Reid McQuinn says:

    Talked to Duane Poulin’s girlfriend Sue this evening. Duane’s doctors felt he was strong enough to perform the planned amputation and did perform it today. She says he is recovering well and just prior to the amputation the doctors said if he does well they might be able to send him home near the end of october. They are asking him for pictures of the house so that wheel chair ramps can be built, so there are long term plans being made for his care. Include him in your prayers and hope he gets well soon.

  92. Reid McQuinn says:

    Spoke to Duane Poulin on the phone today. He is still in very serious condition but the tube has been taken out. His voice is very weak and hard to understand, but he can speak. He took a short turn for the worse several days ago and the infection got worse, but he says he has gotten past it and is doing better again. I think they still have to do another amputation on the leg, but the doctor told him that he is hopeful that he will be able to go home somewhere near the end of october. He has had cards and communications from many people and is very thankful for that. If you guys get the chance, please send him more as he looks forward to it.

  93. Elizabeth Coward says:

    This is copy of email sent to Les Davison. Thanks for the info Bob.

    Hello Les;

    Hope this finds you well and in good health. As I’m sure you know, some of us are not and that includes the subject of this E-Mail. Some years ago while still in the Navy, Keith Marchbanks contracted Hepatitis-B from a dental procedure and has been waging a battle with it since. That battle is about to be lost. He was sent home from Nellis AFB Hospital, Las Vegas, Nv. yesterday, 9-18-14 with perhaps 4 weeks left.

    I’m sure some of the guys will remember Keith as being quiet and somewhat reclusive as he has been with this battle. I don’t even thank his wife Ruth new just how bad he was until a few weeks ago. I certainly had no idea. 65 is just too young as was Mike Stark.

    I just got off the phone with Dwayne Paulin. He is intubated and hard to understand but he sounded good and looking forward to going home. Requested a copy of some pictures I have as well as a copy of the infamous Christmas Card. I’ll have to get that done soon. Good to see he’s improving.

    You are the only recipient of this E-Mail Les but feel free to send it to every one you feel might want to receive it. I’ll include Keith’s address info below.

    Take care and hope your stay in Alaska was a good one. Hope to see you in Vegas.

    Bob Maddox.

    Keith Marchbanks
    1019 Highland Hills Dr.
    Mesquite Nv. 89027
    Ph: 702-346-6576

  94. Reid McQuinn says:

    Talked to Duane Poulins girlfriend and Duane on the phone. He is still in serious condition but is able to speak now with a new trache, with a valve in it. He is hard
    to understand but Sue helps with explanations. They are talking about removing him
    from intensive care and starting him back on solid foods according to Sue. There is still much more for them to do and it sounds like his recovery is going to be long but he is on
    the way and his morale is holding strong. Reid McQuinn

    • Susan Francis says:

      Duane had his trache removed and is breathing on his own with 98% oxygen. He will hopefully be able to start eating some yogurt or puree’d stuff. His is a fighter and will not give up. Thank you for supporting him 🙂
      – Sue

  95. admin says:

    Al Owen mentioned you in a comment in 155th Assault Helicopter Company.
    Al Owen Al Owen 2:30pm Aug 30
    Chuck Markham I would think contact thru his Facebook page right now.. & via his email: ….. I’ll let you know as soon as Mike gives an update..

    Comment HistoryAl Owen Al Owen 2:24pm Aug 30
    Chuck.. This was the follow up email from Mike this morning . “20” – I just called VA Hospital and they would only tell me that I could visit, but that even if he had his cell phone that he wouldn’t be able to communicate. That doesn’t sound good. I’m awaiting a response from George, as Duane used to work for him at George’s bar years ago, and probably the right thing to do is go to hospital and try to see the situation first hand. We are now at the point in our lives where each day is a “Blessing”, that we should thank God for on a regular basis !! You, Me and Our Brothers have been thru a lot of turmoil and injury, both physical and mental, and it’s OUR RESPONSIBILITY to support our Comrades every way possible. I will co-ordinate with George to make the personal visit on behalf of all of “Duane’s Brothers” and report back ASAP !! I would like you to communicate thru the 155th Website to keep everyone updated, thanks. Of course I know he will be in everyone’s prayers and positive thoughts. Thanks “20”, for your update from the website and heartfelt concern for a member of the 155th AHC and “Special Member of Our Camp Coryell”!! I’m so glad that his hometown of Schroon Lake, NY, (A beautiful place !), chose to feature OUR FRIEND DUANE, in a “Vintage Army Jeep”, Honoring his Service to Our Country, during this year’s 4th of July Parade !! Perfect timing and I Salute them for their choice !! Clear left for take-off, Your Chief…Mike…
    Dan Gwaltney Dan Gwaltney 10:19am Aug 30
    Thanks Al. Sue has been posting occasional updates on Duane’s FB page, but without much detail. I didn’t know about the amputation. :/
    Chuck Markham Chuck Markham 10:19am Aug 30
    Did he give you any contact info for Duane or Sue?
    Original PostAl Owen Al Owen 9:50am Aug 30
    I had an email forwarded to me this morning by Mike Andrews (CE-1968 on 66-16832) concerning one of our Falcon gunners 69/70, Duane Poulin …..
    From Duane’s girlfriend: On Aug 29, 2014, at 10:54 PM, Hi everyone,
    Duane wanted me to send out emails letting everyone know of his health issues. In June he underwent a Quadruple Bypass. He developed a lot of complications. He is now in Albany Veterans Hospital in the ICU (his 4 hospitals in 2 months). he is also diabetic and has been extremely slow at the recovery of his many recent surgeries. He had another surgery yesterday and had his left foot amputated and they will eventually have to cut below the knee. He will be there for many months to come. He wanted me to let everyone in his contacts to know what is going on. He is allowed visitors and loves to get cards. Thank you for taking the time to read this. xoxo – Sue

    • Duane Poulin says:

      Hi guys, Sue here. I am only just getting into specifics because I got the go ahead from Duane. I only try to post when I get new updates and it seems as if we are in a stand still for a while (neither good nor bad) just same as the day before. They cannot give out the patients health info over the phone unless it is to me, yet you can go visit (go figure :-). I try to visit him often. He is having trouble speaking due to tubes in his throat, so we play a lot of charades and he gets frustrated with good reason. He has had so far 8 surgeries since July 11th. He is a strong willed man. I will try to update as I learn more about him. Thank you all for being so supportive, I know it means everything to him.

  96. Rod Waddell says:

    As I scroll down the list of comments from 155 members and friends, it is obvious that many of us are having health issues. An even better reason to attend the Vegas Reunion in November. Take this special time in our lives to remember good friends of many years past. Be safe, give thanks and hope to see all in Vegas. Rod Waddell.

  97. Al Owen - StageCoach 20 says:

    I had an email forwarded to me this morning by Mike Andrews (CE-1968 on 66-16832) concerning one of our Falcon gunners in 69/70, Duane Poulin
    From Duane’s girlfriend: On Aug 29, 2014, at 10:54 PM, Hi everyone,
    Duane wanted me to send out emails letting everyone know of his health issues. In June he underwent a Quadruple Bypass. He developed a lot of complications. He is now in Albany Veterans Hospital in the ICU (his 4 hospitals in 2 months). he is also diabetic and has been extremely slow at the recovery of his many recent surgeries. He had another surgery yesterday and had his left foot amputated and they will eventually have to cut below the knee. He will be there for many months to come. He wanted me to let everyone in his contacts to know what is going on. He is allowed visitors and loves to get cards. Thank you for taking the time to read this. xoxo – Sue

  98. Larry "Matt" Matthews says:

    Just got through making my hotel reservations. I’ll be there on the 6th and bug out on the 9th. I’ll be batching it – Ceil won’t be making this run with me.

    Hope to see a lot of you guys there.

    Matt (the Database Guy) Matthews

  99. ed koroshetz says:

    Just to let you know that Sherry and I have make reservations for the reunion and are looking forward to seeing y’all there.
    Have fun / be safe.

  100. j.b. fisher says:

    I was an adviser with MACV team 33 in BMT from Apr 70 to Nov 71. Really appreciated the 155th pilots and crews. Knew you guys would be there when I needed you. Went back to BMT in 2007. It is now a city of over 300,000 and the only thing I recognized was the traffic circle. Again, thanks for being there with us and for us.

    • Al Owen - StageCoach 20 says:

      j.b. – I went back in Feb of this year and you are right… Nothing visible to see or recognize.. The guide said everything was destroyed in ’75 and had to be rebuilt.. We visited the museum and got to roam around a bit..

  101. Van Baggett says:

    My father W2 Edward Baggett served with the 155th in 1970 in Vietnam. He passed away 7-21-2014. He is being interred at the Alabama veterans memorial cemetery in Spanish Fort Alabama on Monday the 28th. He will be receiving full military honors for the hero he was. I never new much about his service in Vietnam and how the events there shaped his life as he never wanted to talk about it. Now that I have been looking thru his military records I feel a little cheated to not know why he protected me the way he did. If anyone knew my dad I would love to hear the stories. Then I could tell you about his life and the legacy that he left behind.

    Van Baggett

    • ed koroshetz says:


      I (Ed Koroshetz) flew with Baggett as his co pilot with the Falcons in 1970. You can email me or call me on my cell at 904-248-1238. My condolences on your fathers passing.

  102. Jayne Pepe says:

    I am Duane Poulin’s sister—-Duane had a medical setback and is currently an inpatient at Albany Medical Center in NY. He is critical but stable at this time.. BTW, thanks to all of you for all you have done.

  103. Duane Poulin says:

    I am writing for my Boyfriend Duane Poulin. I just wanted to let his friends know that he is in Albany Med in the Cardiac Care Unit. He had a Quadruple Bypass in June and didn’t heal properly. He is now in an induced coma with a breathing tube. He has been through a few surgeries to get the infection(s) out. He is slowly getting better and it will be a very long recovery. I will try to keep you up to date now that I found this page. Until then, he is still in a coma and recovering. ~Sue

  104. Dan Whitson says:

    some of the names I’m seeing are familiar, but the only one I know for sure is Brad Hilligoss. I just found this web site, so I’m up for mail.

    • Brad Hilligoss says:

      Hi Dan.
      You going to the reunion this year? This will be my first one. We are going to stay for the week after and travel around and see the sights.

      • Len Fraser says:

        Do you remember me ?
        I worked in tech supply in 1970.

      • Dan Whitson says:

        Well Brad, as you can see I don’t use my tablet much! Since you didn’t see me in Vegas, I guess I didn’t go. Anyway, it’s great to know you are still with us. I’m sure a lot of old guys like us have gone wherever old soldiers fade away to. Hope you’re healthy and happy.Til later, Dan

    • Dale Gordon says:

      Hey Danny don’t know if you still remember or not but we shared the same hooch with each other. I think about the 155 all the time Im proud of the job we all done. Could not believe the reception I got when I got home PTSD sucks the V.A. is helping me to feel like Im some body again. I know that Im home but I feel that Im not. Just seeing your names sure helps thank GOD.

  105. Jim Alward says:

    Just ran across this website. I was one of the SF guys at Duc Lap, A-239, 8/68 and have never known who to thank for the air support. Checked your History section but there’s no reference/write-up on those several days. Did I miss it? Those of us who trucked out to pick up the F-100 pilot shot down are especially appreciative of the gunships covering us on the way back to camp. If anyone out there can provide info, reach me at Thanks so much. I’ve truly enjoyed these past 46 years.

    Jim Alward

  106. Matt Matthews says:

    We received notification from James “Jim” Condo’s wife that Jim (also known as Condo) passed away April 18, 2014 at the age of 62 after a long illness.

    Condo was a crewchief in the 2nd flight platoon in 1970 until the unit stood down. Condo was then assigned to the 48th AHC and participated in Lam Son 719.

    REST IN PEACE my brother; you will not be forgotten.

  107. Jim Brainard says:

    June 21, 2014
    Cancel that last posting from me…. didn’t see other posting of Duane Poulin demise.

  108. Jim Brainard says:

    June 21, 2014
    To answer everyone’s question as to which hospital Duane Pouline is in, he’s at West Haven VA Medical Center Ct. I’ve been in contact with him via Facebook 155th page.
    Duane is recovering from quadruple by-pass surgery.

  109. Reid McQuinn says:

    Dennis, Duane is out of the hospital and at home now. Talked to him last night.

  110. Dennis Lajoie says:

    Can anyone tell me what VA hospital Duane Poulin is in. I believe you said Connecticut.
    Falcon 049 2/68 to 6/70

    • duane poulin says:

      hi Dennis was at the west haven v a they did a great job on me and my recovery was fast only spent 5 days there im still living in the adk mtns sober 17 yrs sober duane

  111. To Les Davison says:

    Duane Poulin is in a VA hospital in connecticut. He has had a quadruple by-pass and
    sounds like he is doing well, the by-pass was tuesday and he called me on friday so it seems like he’s well. He said he tried to contact you but your number was disconnected.
    He says he would really like to hear from you. Please get him touch with him if you get the chance.
    Reid McQuinn

  112. Al Owen says:

    OK Folks …. We have initiated a Face Book Group page for the 155th AHC .. stop by and join us with your pictures and stories !!! We kicked it off yesterday, June 3rd, 2014 and already have 34 members.. We’ve been posting pictures all day and the stories are getting good !!!
    Come join us !!

  113. Larry Pluhar says:

    Looking for Sam “Barney” Fox. Last known address was in Ohio. He was gunner on 17235 and then Crew Chief on 16254 in 1969. Please advise if you know how to contact him.

    • Matt Matthews says:

      I maintain the database for the 155th AHC Association. I’m sorry but I don’t have any contact information for him.

      If you do make contact with him please inform him of the association and perhaps we could get him to join.

    • Bill Sands says:

      Larry, Sam is in South Carolina. I will get you in touch with him. I was the crew chief on 060 in 1969-70.

  114. Ken Phillps says:

    My good friend is Gene Simmons. He was a pilot in your unit in the war. He was shot down. He wold love to be a part of thr unit again now that he is retired.. can those that remember him, Contact him at He lives in the Tampa area of Florida.

    Ken Phillips, Capt, MSC, USAFR (ret)

  115. bo dolph says:

    today ,may 23,2014 ,is 45 yrs. since the 155th came to exfil me & my team & 2 nva pw’s for Nam Lyr mountain. the insuing 4+ hrs of intense trial by determined nva to capture & shoot down more choppers was only repulsed by the heroic actions of the 155th. the actions of wo Ken Donovan & Rick Menzel were nothing short of stuff legions are made of. I regret that so many personnel were lost. although I don’t his name the gunner who stopped the ce’s wound from too much loss of blood, I would like to mention his efforts as being especially worthy of praise. there is nothing I can say or do to change what happened ,but I sure wish I could.
    it is with great humility that I offer my sincere thanks.

    Bo dolph
    team leader team saw
    may 21 & 23 1969

  116. Samuel Belshaw says:

    It`s May Day 49 years ago those of us on the Iwo Jima stepped foot on VN. for the first time

  117. Tom Hunt says:

    Just went to Tuscany reservations and they do not know anything about the 155th. Will try again in a few days.

  118. CHUCK MARKHAM says:

    The reunion arrangements are complete and Elizabeth has posted the agenda on the REUNION link of the 155 website. Please go by there and check it out. See Y’all at LZ Las Vegas, November 2014,


    • Brad Hilligoss says:

      Back in November you said in a post the reunion was going to be Nov 8 – 10. Now the web site has it posted as Nov 6 – Nov 9. We were planning on flying out on Nov 7th. Which are the correct dates?

  119. John A Finneren says:

    Anyone remember Major Poole? I recall building a mess hall and named it “Poole Hall”
    He was our CO 68-69.

  120. Al Owen says:

    After speaking with Les Davison at the last reunion, H.C. Watters and I made our return to Vietnam & BMT in February and March of this year.. If you’ve ever considered going back, DO IT !!! We had a great time and it’s not as expensive as you might think …. Your biggest surprise will be how much the country has changed and how Beautiful it is! I did take a little over 3000 images in the 15 days we were in country …
    Les gave us the name of the guide that he used (Les’ has been back twice!) and it was the best decision possible.. If you’ve thought about it and want any information, drop me a note and I’ll share the info (…If you’re on Facebook, you can send a friend request and view some of the pictures in one of my Albums (Return to Vietnam 2014) …. Hope to see everyone in Vegas this year !!!

  121. Dave Skoog says:

    After meeting Mike Benge (POW) last year we talked a few times since. I was a project coordinator in our County Veterans Memorial Park to try and acquire a static display huey. After 7 years we acquired a cobra gunship last fall from the aircraft carrier Intrepid in New York harbor on the Hudson river. We mounted it on a pole in Nov. and had a dedication. Mike Benge flew in for the ceremony as well as a quadruple amputee from the Afghan war, both extolling the virtues of helicopters, not as a war machine(as viewed by our City Council ) but as a life saving machine. As the flag was raised by the local fire dept,, a bald eagle flew around the top of the flag. was not a dry eye in the crowd. Great day. Will post a photo when all the final touches are done. Next to impossible to find a regular huey according to the Army Donations Program. Dave Skoog

  122. Barbara Higgs/wife of Harold Higgs says:

    I would like to donate some pictures and slides Harold had from his tour in 1969-1970. Harold passed away March 24, 2014 . He had squamous cell cancer because of the Agent Orange he was exposed to over there. So if you can let me know where to send them I will gladly send them to you guys. God Bless You All.

  123. Larry Pluhar says:

    Anyone have a roster of who is planning to attend the re-union in Vegas? I’m always “planning” to attend.

  124. wayne cranford says:

    This is for Hunter (Ruben) did your ship have a picture of a hunter on the nose,was your crew chief at one time Jones?If so I was next to you ,falcon 9 over sexed, on nose. got a few pictures. Not to many guys from that time 65-66 that stay in touch with the 155. Hope all is good with you and family.Drop a line when you can. Cranford,over

  125. Samuel Belshaw says:

    We of the 165 were few in number and some of us check in once in a while. I always check in on May 1 the day the Iwo landed. 65-66 SamB

  126. Charles Bigelow says:

    I was a doorgunner / crewchief 69/70. Would like to hear from you all. On Apr. 20th 1970 I was shot down with WO Marlin Johnson, WO Darek Richardson, SP4 Guthrie. The two pilots were KIA, and Guthrie and

    sp4 Bigelow were rescued.

    • grant wheaton 2nd flt. plt. 69-70 says:

      i remember you, i have pictures of mr. johnson and mr. richardson, i sent them to elizabeth but they have`nt been published.

  127. Charles Bigelow says:

    I was a doorgunner / crewchief 69/70. Would like to hear from you all.

  128. Good morning – I was with the 165th transportation detachment from 1966-67. Spent a great deal of time, leader of a periodic maintenance team, making sure you guys were up and running – safely. We were a “one-stop-shop” with the capacity to timely respond to your crew chief/155th maintenance needs as well as the performance maintenance of your choppers.

    It seems we might be somewhat invisible. Very few 165ers participate in the guest book and there are few comments from the fly guys.

    Like to find out, from all of you, how visibility/acknowledgment can be gained through an exchange here or other means of communication.

    Thanks for your help.

  129. john brennan says:

    Did you name your helicopter in Vietnam? I’m collecting Army helicopter names for VOL 2 of “U.S. Army Helicopter Names In Vietnam” to be published in 2015. Search your in-country photo/slide collections for personalized copter nose art & names. Search your memory & memoirs or query a buddy for his. Thank you gentlemen. John Brennan, former SP5, 114 AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF

  130. Delmer Sayer says:

    Ok I am all set for the Reunion. going to spend nov 6-12 at one of the Worldmark resorts in Vegas.

  131. Bob Gardner says:

    Here is the info on Tom’s funeral:
    Services for Tom will be at the Chapel at the rocky Gap Veterans Cemetery, east of Cumberland, MD off of Interstate #68 at 11am Friday, January 31. They would lke for the 155 to be represented. Anyone in the area that can attend would be welcome. Please contact Chuck Markham if you are attending as he may have a request from the 155.

    • Bob, Did I serve with you? I don’t remember names very well, but I served in BMT late 1968 to June 1969 as door gunner for Falcon gunships (232) “Kill For Kicks”. Somewhere along the line I got a bad case of PTS and can”t remember names. Events and some missions-“yes”, but few names. I remember Mr. Waters and a crew chief sp Bunrose , something like that. I have alot of pictures and slides.

      • Bob Gardner says:

        Patrick, I believe we were in the Falcons at the same time. Glad to see you have made contact with us again. Check out the reunion link on the website. We are getting together in Las Vagas this fall. You should drive up and spend a day or two. I think you would see a number of familiar faces, well you probably won’t recognize the faces, but the names with bring back some memories!! I think Les Davison and Gilbert Terry are the only ones that haven’t changed in the past 45 years!

      • Lloyd Wussow says:

        Patrick I was looking thru some of the messages in the Guest Book for the 155th and noticed the saying Kill For Kicks I was a Crew Chief on Falcon 232 when that gunship and another gunship 231 first arrived at Ban Me Thout. My Gunner painted the front of 232 with the greek god Thor, I left the 155th in Nov. 68 and returned to the U.S.
        Some time in Sept 68 I spent time in Nha Trang with 232 while she was being repaired from time in Duc Lap,

  132. John D Carter says:

    I was at Gia Nghia with ALO FAC TEAM 32 Air Force O-1 Birgdogs. You guys were our sector chopper. I still remember the sound of those chopper blades echoing as you made your approach to the hello pad. That always made me feel good because it meant our connection to the outside world was still there. The crews had lunch with us on several occasions. Thanks Guys for a job well done. I remember when we heard you all were standing down. We were very disappointed to be loosing you guys as our sector chopper. John D Carter MSGT USAF Reserve Ret.

  133. Danny Lauer says:

    So sorry to hear about Tom Mullins passing . May he rest in peace.


  134. Bob Gardner says:

    It is with a saddened heart that I post the news of the passing of Tom Mullen yesterday. He was at home. Don’t have any details yet and will post more as I find out.

    Tom’s hearty laugh and huge bear hugs will be missed by all. Without the efforts of Tom and the Baldwins our motley group would not exist today. Please take a minute and thank God for allowing us to have Tom as a brother in arms and a friend.

    RIP Tom Mullen!

  135. Rueben A Hunter says:

    Just found your site. I have been on it for hours. I have lots of pictures to share later. Hope to hear from some of the guys I flew with. I was in Nam from 1965 –1966.

    • Matt Matthews says:


      Hi.. welcome back to the 155th. I maintain the contact information for the group (i.e., the Database Guy).

      The eMail address you left when you signed in does not work. Please make another entry with your correct eMail address.

      Thanks .


    • Jim Haga says:

      Welcome Home, Rueben! And please visit and share on the Facebook page:

    • Ralph Dietlin says:

      I remember flying with you Reuben in the Falcons. I was crew chief on the lead gunship with the 24 rocket pods on each side. I believe my gunner was named Boman. I know you were a gunner but like anything else after all these years and my memory isn’t like it use to be and there are thing that happened over there I just don’t want to remember. I’m glad I finally heard from some one that served the same time.

  136. CHUCK MARKHAM says:

    I hope you all had wonderful holidays and have now returned to a normal state of being. Rod Wadell has volunteered to do the Barb this quarter. It will be his first BARB and I hope you will all help him by submitting your stories for his consideration. If he does not use your story I assure you it will get used somewhere down the line.

  137. grant wheaton 2nd flt. plt. 69-70 says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2014 feels like a great year……… far.

  138. Larry "Matt" Matthews says:

    To all my 155th AHC Association brothers, I wish for you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

    See you all in Las Vegas in November.

    Matt Matthews

  139. Mike Lach says:

    Merry Christmas to one and all on this site.

    Maintenance Warrant Oficer

  140. Gary Gale says:

    It was 48years ago when I joined up with the A of the 1st at BMT. I left the 155th in December of 67. I remember that Christmas was almost a day off. Hope that all of you and your families have a safe and a happy Christmas and New Year.
    Sfc Gary Gale Ret

  141. CHUCK MARKHAM says:

    I am starting the planning for the Las Vegas Reunion in 2014. Right now it’s being scheduled for Nov 8-10, This is the closest weekend to Veterans Day. There will be a Veterans day Parade there. I am told it will be on Monday. The exact days are subject to change but it will be on that weekend. I am locking in the group rate for the following Mon and Tuesday(Veterans Day) and also the friday prior to that weekend. I am currently getting Proposals from Hotels. The officers will help me choose a venue. If there is anyone who lives in or near Vegas and would like to help, I would be pleased to have your assistance.

  142. Jim Haga says:

    Guys- don’t forget to drop by the Facebook page. A good place to connect and share.
    Give us a “like”. We need to catch up to the 4th AVN guys. Welcome Home all!

  143. grant wheaton says:

    jim brainerd was a sheet metal guy, maybe he can help you, i think he was there for a couple of years maybe 68-70

  144. Terry Webb says:

    Has anyone heard anything from Alonzo Thompson ( Tom ) ? Air traffic controller… Or perhaps Ruddy…. ? Andy — the sheet metal shop..? I wasn’t there very long and have never heard from anyone I use to know even thow I wrote a few letters after getting home… We went on Red alert the day I left.. Wish I could remember the date.. Thank You All for your service and a heart felt “WELCOME HOME” … SP5 Terry Webb

  145. Frank Busbee says:

    I was in the Prop&Rotor Shop from the end of December 1968 until July 1969 when I was sent to the 238th awc at An Khe where I became a Crew Chief on a Gunship.While at the 155th I worked with a guy named Carson in the Prop&Rotor Shop, I remember Chappie and Williams in the Maintenance crew and Lt. Butler who was the Maintenance Officer.

  146. Lauren Sobel says:

    Does Anyone remember my dad LT1 Jerry R Sobel ? Or Capt Jerry R Sobel??
    He passed away in Feb 1996… His unit in VietNam was the 155th Assault Helicopter Company. He was there from November of 69 to December of 70.
    This is the only picture I have of him . My son Westen R Sobel Age 7 , Jerrys grandson came home from his elementry school one day last week , and said” Mom I wish your dad was alive!” Because our school is looking for veterans to come talk to us on Veterans day about what veterans day really means. & Do you have a picture we can hang on the hallway wall of the school to honor him I wish he could be here… Wish he could have lived longer. Wondering if anyone has any thing to share about my dad stories or pictures of him Etc.?

    In His Love,
    Lauren Sobel.& Westen R Sobel.

    • Lynn Schiltz says:

      Lauren……I did not know your Dad,but I am sure he was a wonderful man. I was with the 155th 66-68 Generally,if you contact your local VFW or American Legion they will send a Veteran to your son`s school to speak. There is always that outside chance that there could be a member there that was with the 155th. Small chance,but you never know. Best of Luck to you and Thank You for thinking of us.

    • Larry Matthews says:


      Hi. I maintain the roster for the 155th Assault Helicopter Company association. If you would like, eMail me with your home city and state and I’ll see if any of our guys that live close by could get in contact with you and possibly meet Weston.

    • Nick Lujan says:

      Hi Lauren,
      I did indeed know Your Dad in Vietnam and Germany of all things.Don’t know how much space we have here,but You are very welcome to e-mail me and I’ll elaborate a lot more. Lauren,Your Dad was my best Maintence officer and whom I considered a good friend and human being.I have many memories of him,too bad we can’t ask him about certain times,”remember that time”,,but I will say there was one time that would have have tormented me the most has I let Capt Sobel and Capt Melvin take a ship back to Dong Ba Thin,Cam Rahn.. There had been some component swapping and we were going to make a good ship out of this one and basically salvage it.When we “came hot” to run up,any 155 guys free,came to take pictures,check out this fiasco made good come to pass,watch these two clowns take this ship outta here!…. Lauren,Your Dad was one of the ones who sent me to Vung Tau for Tech Inspection school,whic I became and made Spec 5. At this time of unknown peril,I was one of the Ti’s on hand,along with my buddy Rich Kernan.Your Dad was going to fly left seat,all were in joking spirits,”yeah let’s get rid of this pig,we done good with the parts” As we ran up,I hollered at Kernan,we agreed,I went to Capt Melvin,crooked my finger to come with me,oooo he was not happy,showed him my point,he came back to Dad,motions to cut the engine,lots of awww,what happened,why’d you do that. Lauren,they would not have flown 20 minutes til that engine would have torn out of the ship,then crash and burn,I would’ve lost Your Dad,Melvin,no biggie. Like I said earlier,it also gave me the unexpected pleasure to see him at
      Flieglehosrt Kaserne in Hanau Germany later,man I’m glad Rich and I were there and not somebody else who would’ve let them go so we could be rid of one nasty officer! Many memories of Mr Jerry Sobel,never,never was he rude or unjust,just a good man doing his job too,with appreciation for those who did the same,I’m blessed to have known and served with Jerry Sobel,sad to lose him so soon,hopefully in God’s hands. Again Lauren,feel free and welcome to write,I miss him too. Nick Lujan (Sp5 Lujan,from New Mexico)

    • Steve McCartney says:

      Lauren- I worked in maintenance when Capt. Sobel was the maintenance officer. He was one of the best men I worked with. I am sorry to hear he passed. HE WAS ONE OF THE GOOD ONES! Steve McCartney

  147. Lloyd Wussow 67-68 says:

    Just happen on this website, I was looking thru some of my items (I have very little) from my time in Vietnam both with the 101st airborne and the 155th. Found a wooden plaque shaped like a shield. It has Falcon at the top with the letters stamped out in crude metal below that is a gunship and Nocere Sportivo just below that. Was looking up nocere sportivo and came upon this website. I flew with both the slicks and Guns, my last ship was Falcon 232 Thor was the name of my ship, My gunner was the one who painted the thor design on the nose. Thanks for the website

    • Pat Avery says:

      Larry. I was a cc in the falcons same As you. The real message was kill for kicks. That is what nocherie sportive mention in Latin I wAs platoon sgt for the falcons and a crew chief at the same time ire member you very well. We also had it on the back of our black caps

  148. John Brennan says:

    I’ll be in San Antonio, TX during the VHCMA gathering this next June, 2014 between the 18th and 22nd of the month. All three helicopter books will be available at a deep discount: “U.S. Army Helicopter Names In Vietnam”, “Vietnam War Helicopter Art” and “Vietnam War Helicopter Art, Vol 2”.

    Also, I’ll share what info I have on surviving VN War Army helicopters (approx 1,000) that are presently on display in public museums, military bases and memorial parks across the 50 states. I’ve compiled a database list which you can view and luckily can help identify your old in-country bird. Hope to see you there.

    • Larry "Matt" Matthews says:


      Would you be kind enough to check your database for UH-1H serial number 68-16293. When last known about I believe she was at Ft. Rucker.


      Matt Matthews
      155th AHC Association
      the Database Guy

  149. Jack Coonce says:

    I was proud to fly as a Stagecoach and Falcon pilot in 1969. As a result of minigun, rocket, thumper and turbine whine noise, I sustained a hearing loss in Vietnam. This loss was noted on my separation physical. Like an idiot, I did not pursue a disability claim. During an audiology exam in Tucson several months ago, I was informed that any veteran with a hearing loss is entitled to state of the art digital hearing aids plus batteries for life. I hope none of you ever needs hearing aids, but if you do, the VA will provide you with them. This was news to me !
    Hope to see you in Vegas next year.

    • Charlie Marvin says:

      Hi Jack,

      Good info, only trouble is I had to get them too. Weren’t our helmets great back then. I’m just glad they put in on my medical after getting back. Trouble is they still let me fly after that. When you get a chance send me a email.

      Take Care
      Charlie Falcon 8

      • Jack Coonce says:

        I just composed a long e-mail with my post Viet-nam history and sent it to the address on Les’s e-mail. Alas, it came back as not delivered. If you get this, give me a reply with your current e-mail. If not , call me at 520-825-1877.
        Good to hear from you !

  150. Robert Moore says:

    Delmer, My Friend its been a long time my memory left many yrs ago as well drop me a line or give me a call or 419-754-9360 God Bless Robert

  151. Delmer Sayer says:

    Hey Robert Moore been a long time . I was in Prop&Rotor shop jun 70 until I went to the 282nd . My memory has eluded me for many years ago.

  152. bobby taylor says:

    artie, thanksfor every thing have you talk to sgt dugan lateysee you laty bobby

  153. Arthur J. Ryan III says:

    I was the Detachment Commander of the last “Shotgun Platoon” from the 25th Inf Div to be assigned to “A” Company, 1st Avn Bn (155th AHC). Our tour was scheduled from Sep – Dec 1965, but 20 of the door gunners extended their tour to a full year. I am presently posting some photos of this unit on the 3/4 Cav (our parent unit) facebook page and would like to post some where others from the Falcons and Stagecoach could see them. Instructions, please.

  154. Tom Mullen says:

    Daniel, My Name is Tom Mullen and I was a door gunner with the Falcon Gun Platoon from late ‘67 thru August 1969. I remember your fathers name but sadly I can’t remember him personally.

    I will tell you this much you have made a good choice in contacting the 155th guest book. These guys from the 155th are a group of very close people and as time goes by and your dads name gets passed around I and sure you will be hearing from guys who knew him and even worked with him. Keep the faith and God Bless

    I am sorry for your loss.

    Tom Mullen

    • duane poulin says:

      tom, good to see your still with us havn’t heard or seen any thing about you in a long time drop me a line thanks, Duane, Falcon gunner 69 /70

      • Tom Mullen says:

        Great to hear from you and hoping to see you at the next reunion. Forgive me for not writing sooner but I don’t check the site everyday . Something you may have forgotten , I still remember talking to you about sponsoring you as a Falcon Gunner in the pool that day. Nocere Sportivo!!!!!!

  155. Daniel O. Clements says:

    Im searching for ANY info or pictures about my father, David “DOC” Clements, who served in the 155th in 1968-69. My father has passed of a heart attack sadly. But, I am trying to find out ANYTHING about him and his military service. I know from records obtained that he was a Helicopter Mechanic and Crew Chief for the 155th in the above mentioned years. I remember seeing a few photos as a child and a few stories he told. But, I am wanting to know as much as possible about my dads life history. If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about my father PLEASE contact me at
    Again.. ANYTHING is appreciated.. and.. to ALL who have served, then and now, Thank you!

  156. Mike Lach says:

    I was with the 165/155 as WO maint Tech. AO provided the DMII and the replacement of my right hip. Several other issues are still being evaluated by the Veteran Affairs. If you do not have a family doctor get one. They can detect the early signs. Your State VA can assist in the endless amount of paperwork.

  157. Robert Moore says:

    was with the 155th all of 69 – 70 did2 tours was the Prop and Rotor repairman would love to hear from all I have a lot of agent Orange problems and they have me @ 100% service connected. trying to find out if a lot of us was affected from it. Please let me know

    • grant wheaton says:

      hi bob, i guess i never knew we were even exposed to agent orange, i was there july 69 to jul 70. i have had no problems other than diabetes which is i believe one of the problems associated with it. you might contact jim brainerd, he was a sheet metal guy, he might have some info. for you.


      • Lynn Schiltz says:

        I was with the 155th from ’66 to ’68 Had open heart surgery and the VA called me about Agent Orange Test. I told them that I was never exposed to it and they said that anyone who had “Boots on the ground” was exposed. Eschemic Heart Desease comes from AO. I am the youngest of a family of nine. No other heart problems in the other eight or mom and dad. Go figure!

    • duane poulin says:

      Falcon gunner 69/70 was having trouble walking. hunting ,fishing one in my family has had a sugar issue, some how i got a cut on my big toe went to the VA hosp in albany n.y. for a check up. was being treated for the cut an
      infection set in, the blood circulation was weak so the dr had stints put in my leg that saved my leg .but lost my big toe and part of my foot to the arch I feal better now, but lost 60 lbs,if you or any of the other guys think you have a sugar issue don’t fool with it, get checked AO effects can be deadly.
      So other than that how’s it going?

    • Frank Busbee says:

      Robert I was in the prop& rotor shop for a while in 1969, I remember spec. 5 Carson and I think you came into the shop just before I was sent to a new company in June or July.


    • Frank Busbee says:

      Robert, my name is Busbee, I was in the Prop&Rotor shop with the 155th from the end of December 1968 to July 1969, at which time I was sent to a new company which was the 238th at An Khe where I became a Crew Chief on a Gunship, when I was with the 155th I worked with a guy named Carson in the prop&rotor shop and I think you came in a few months before I left for the 238th. Let me know if you remember me. Lt Butler was the Maintenance Officer.

  158. Dean Owen says:

    A note to David Thomas who signed in on 29 MAY 2013. I was interested in your comment that you had a friend who flew with the 116th Hornets. I also flew with the 116th from September 1966 to October 1967. Please send me the name of you friend and the dates he was with the Hornets.


  159. theodore dan reeves. falcon armor 69-70 says:

    I was the armor for the falcon gun ships . But they put us in maintence my minney-gun mounted on 50 cal. Try-pod came in handy o nce.

  160. David Thomas says:

    My cousin is Dominic Fino, He wrote a book “The making of a Falcon”. I was not born when you performed your service to this country; But I will forever be in your debt because your service allows me to have the Freedom I so cherish today. THANK YOU. I also have a close friend who flew with the 116th and I am sure you all crossed paths along the way. David Thomas—–Howling Moose

  161. Dan weber says:

    Thinking of all Camp Coryell Vet’s this weekend . Jan.-Aug 1970

  162. Bo Dolph says:

    May 23,2013

    Today is 44 years since I was wounded in RVN. My thanks to all the 155th AHC. A special thanks to Ken Donovan & Rick Menzel, w/o their valor I would not be here to express my thanks.


  163. Richard W. De Jaynes SP/5 says:

    i as assgnd to 155th for my second tour in 70 was with the unit until it deactivated in mar 71 a lot of us went to the 48th at ninh hoa do not remember how long we were at ninh hoa the unit was redployed to DMZ at dong ha R.W. De Jaynes 118 W Wheeler St Apt 4 WEST BURLINGTON, IOWA 1 319 768 6506 GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVED I left country in july 71 when the unit went south to around Cam Rahn NEVER WENT BACK!!!

  164. sam belshaw says:

    I hope all of the Iwo people had a happy May day the day we landed in VN menu years ago SamB

  165. Scott William Larson says:

    Remembering my father WO Paul Noble Larson and those lost on 4/19/68. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the site but it looks great! Still enjoy getting the Barb also. It’s nice to here the history from so many! Thanks and god bless to all of the 155th and their families…..
    P.S. was hoping to post a pic or two of my pop and his bird but couldn’t figure it out.

  166. Larry Pluhar says:

    Article regarding FSB Kate (Oct-Nov ’69) in the latest edition of the VVA “Veteran.”

  167. Greg ferris says:

    Carl and James – good to see your comments. I still stay in contact with Joe Lewis. What ever happened to Bob Polland? He made a great short timers stick. I live in Tallahassee, FL. Please contact me.

    Greg Ferris
    Ban Me Thout

  168. Carl Pavey says:

    Jim Noyes – please contact me – was in the 165th 1966

  169. Skipd says:

    RIP WO1 David Karl Erenstoft……. “All guts, no glory”

  170. John Mateyko says:

    On March 24, 1966, Co A/501st (Rattlers and Firebirds) landed at your base. It was a SNAFU, you didn’t know why we were there. We did nothing for a few days but swim
    in a nearby river. On the 28th, we supported you in an operation and returned to
    Bien Hoa.
    Do any of you remember us being there?
    Thank you,

  171. James Noyes says:

    I was with the 165th Transportation Detachment and was wondering if anyone remembers us being attached to you. I served all of 1966. I am looking for Bob Polland who was with the 155th AHC. James Patterson was also a very dear friend of mime. Please reply back if mine or any of these names rings a bell. Thank you and God Bless

  172. Michael J Clough says:

    Was a Crew-Chief with “A” Co 4th Avn Bn, 4Th Inf Div–Jan 68—Jan 69. Had the experience to fly on several missions at Duc Lop and surrounding areas around Bam Me Thout during the bad times in 68—September—November. Remember the runway at Duc Lop was a rubberized covering instead of PSP. After this our unit went back north.
    Also had a fellow 155th Crew Chief at Bam Me Thout. Had a chance to talk to him a couple times. We were in the same class at Ft. Eustis for 67n20 school, can’t remember his name? His father was a O-6 Colonel–He would of had the same in country date that I had.

  173. Bernard Wilensky says:

    I was stationed at B-23, 5th SF, S-2 (E-5) from 5/69 to 12/70. If anyone has pics of the Special Forces camp B-23 Ban Me Thuot from the air , would like to get. Had the “good luck” to be at Bu Prang, A-236, for the SEIGE fall 1969. Thanks for all your help getting us in and out of the camp and supply/cover we received…..Weymouth, Ma>

    • Tom, Stagecoach ?? says:

      LOL, only a snake eater would consider being at Bu Prang during late 69 as “good luck”

      Can’t imagine what you guys went through.

  174. Tom Love says:

    Great Barb as usual. (Thanks Les) It has always amazed me how you guys can remember this stuff. I feel a bit embarrassed about not being able to remember such an important part of my life. Thanks again for the Barb as it helps clear the cobwebs.

  175. Dave Skoog says:

    Sorry I did not comment sooner about the reunion in Atlanta. I was on my way to Fort Myers for some work and stopped in for Fri. and Sat eve. Good to see a lot of old friends and some I had not met before. Special friend Mike Benge was ther and was good to meet him in person. His whole story started just after I arrived in the 155, so it was good to hear his story in person. There is a book called “No Time For Tombstones” which is a great short book of his and the missionaries’ ordeal. Good to hear from Neil Mcdonald on the guest book page too. Their rotor meshing incident tried taking me and a couple of other guys out too. Glad you made it and are doing well.. Long trip on Sunday after the reunion, driving to Fort Myers with a Jack Daniels headache. Nice time in Atlanta. Dave Skoog

  176. JOE KINDER says:

    Hello to all…would like to find out if there are any of my slides hanging around and waiting to be added to the Photo Gallery. I have a request for some and I don’t have them here. Hope all are well…Joe.

    • webmaster says:

      All the photos from the old site have been posted on the new site. I did not have slides to work from, I used a file transfer from the old site.


  177. Jim Haga says:

    Anyone have any records, memories, logs, pictures of 67-17146? It came to the 155th in late 1970 from the 281st, then went to the 61st. Thanks for your help!

    Stagecoach 17/Falcon 10

  178. Chuck Markham says:

    I contacted Doc Curry. Doc was the 8th Med flight surgeon when the unit deployed in 65. He has a book on Amazon Called THE DOCTOR AND THE PHSYCIC. I’m downloading it on my kindle. He said a very short version of the trials and tribulations were in the back of the book, I have asked him to provide a more detailed narrative so I can puy it in the summer issue of the BARB. He and I talked about it at Atlanta and I found it fascinating. Thanks Doc for all you did for us and for all you continue to contribute.

  179. Samuel Clark, SSG Ret U.S. Army says:

    I was with the 185th RAC(Fixed Wing)at Camp Correal from Feb 1968 to Feb 1969.

  180. Jim Godfrey says:

    My name I Jim Godfrey and I am researching several topics for publication regarding insignia and related subjects from aviation and ground units from the VN War. I am particularly interested in business cards or calling cards used by many unit. I was a pilot in your sister company the 192nd from June 69-June 70. There have been a couple of articles published but not a serious attempt to catalog a large number of them.

    I am also working on documenting the history of the patches of the units. There were many “un-official” unit and platoon patches from that period. Most if not all were designed in theater and theater made. There were many variations.

    If you have any of this material, I would love to exchange email with you to discuss what you have and hopefully include it in my book(s). This has been an ongoing sideline but now is a viable project. Please let me know if you have anything that you can contribute.

    I am not a collector. I only need high quality photos.

    Thanks in advance, I will look forward to hearing from you.

    Jim Godfrey
    Tigershark 35, Phan Thiet Vietnam
    8120 Sunscape Lane S.
    Fort Worth, Texas 76123

  181. Jim Haga says:

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Please check out Liberty War Bird’s Facebook page when you get a moment. I’ve posted most of my 155th photos there too. Thanks!

  182. Tom Livingston says:

    My thanks to all of you for your help and supporting information. I really do appreciate it.

    Take care all,

  183. Al Owen - StageCoach20 says:

    Help needed for one of our SF brothers! I received a request from the SOA group for assistance in trying to get infomation on an extraction in Dec-66 or Jan-67… Hope someone can recall if they took part..
    If you can recall and provide any additional info, please contact Tom at the email provided, or direct it to me and i will gladly forward to the group…..
    Al Owen

    From Tom Livingston in reference to RT Hawaii extraction:
    “Is there any way to find out if a member of the air crew that extracted RT Hawaii and pulled Fernea and me through a tree is a member of SOA. The extraction was in December 66 or Jan 67 as I remember and we were the first ones from FOB2 to use McGuire rigs. I would like to talk to a member of the Huey crew about it. (They might have been from the 155th.) My back was screwed up when we hit the tree and has gotten steadily worse. Would like a witness for VA claim and, with Fernea dead, they are the only ones left. I know that there a few of our old support air crews that are members. I looked at the website for a bulletin board or contact area but didn’t see one
    Tom Livingston

  184. Alfred W Smith says:

    I was part of the unit that went in BMT in Apeil 65 from the Iwo Jima I was trransferred when name was changed to 155th. Is little smith around? I remmenber when he missed his toes in a fire fight . Al

  185. Chuck Markham says:

    We had a wonderful Christmas as I hope, did all of you. Now for the new year. The Wild Turkey and bubbly wine are standing by for Mary and I as the new year approaches. I hope we all have the best year we have ever experienced and I’m pretty sure for most of us it won’t be the worst unless they start sending old farts to war.

  186. Wayne Coward says:

    Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas. Wishing you a very happy New Year.

  187. Matt Matthews says:

    To all my Ban Me Thuot brothers and their families, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year.

  188. JOE KINDER says:

    Sorry that Bobbi and I couldn’t make it to Atl. I was in hosp. in Bath N.Y. during that time, sorry I missed it, sounds like it was one not to miss…I would like to wish all a very Merry X-Mas/Happy Holidays……I would like get some unit patches, how can I order/get some? Stagecoach and Falcon patches…By the for those who wish to know I have moved once again. My new address is: 1266 rt 660 Wellsboro, Pa. 19601…..I’m hoping this is my last move ( Tee Heee Heeee ). 570-723-9009…

  189. Reid McQuinn says:

    corr9ection to my phone number. It’s 518-963-8069

  190. marian thompson says:

    I can be reached at:

  191. marian thompson says:

    Terry Thompson, my late husband, (aka TT, or T) was a gunner and crew chief for the 155 AHC January, 1969 – January, 1970, Ban Me Thuot. He was a farm boy from Zanesville, Ohio, and loved Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He also had a pet monkey named Jeb for a brief period of time while there. I am writing a book in his honor about his tragic death and would be privileged to include any memories or thoughts of those who served with him. A writer for the Washington Post has discredited his service. It is my last wish to reinstate Terry’s honor and print the truth. Thank you for your service, God Bless you, and Happy Holidays.

  192. Bruce L. Mc Innes says:

    I just got my copy of LTC Fred Lindsey’s voluminous work describing the work of MACV-SOG and CCS. The title is `Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia’, published by Authorhouse. Many 155 crew members are mentioned and their stories told. This is a fantastic collection of the history that time and the part we played in support of what we called B-50 missions. I encourage everyone to get a copy. Amazon should have it. Feel free to contact me for further info:

  193. Neill McDonald says:

    It was early February, 1968. 2LT Painter was the aircraft commander and I was his peter pilot — Parked in a revetment with a full load of indigenous people on board, we came to a hover, staggered over into the running aircraft in the next revetment, the rotors engaged, I caught the top of the the transmission on my head and as I have been told, six aircraft were destroyed in the sequence. 2LT Painter, by then a 1LT, was killed in a mid-air about two months later. I have a retroactive memory lapse; my last memory of that time was eating breakfast at the AF hospital in TuyHoa, some eight hours before. By chance are the flight engineer and the door-gunner still around? — I’d love to hear what happened to them in that mess and their memories of that crash. Several unit members have told me a lot about what happened (e.g., it was 2LT Painter’s first flight as an aircraft commander) but I sure would like to hear from the other crew members.

    Welcome home, all,
    Neill McDonald
    Savannah, GA
    Here’s my email address:

    • reid mcquinn says:

      neil, I was in the “corral” and you came over and spoke to me just minutes
      before your accident. You commented on that flight you were going on. I know
      some of the things pertaining to it and witnessed the accident and lt. painter
      carrying you. I tried to contact you at your e-mail address and it said I would
      have to open a G-Mail account which i don’t want to do. My e-mail is and my phone number is 519-963-8069

      • Neill McDonald says:

        Many thanks to member Duane Poulin who made the connection in response to my plea for information. Reid McQuinn and I just had a wonderful conversation which filled in many of the gaps and provided a better understanding of what happened the day I got hurt.

        I am so deeply appreciative to Duane and Reid, as well as to Les Davidson, who alerted me of Reid’s post.

        Neill McDonald, early 68
        Savannah, GA

  194. Bruce L. Mc Innes says:

    I think you’ve stumbled onto something. It actually was more of a `get togather’ than anything else.

    As for the reunion, it was all good. The people, the hotel, the food, the banquet music, performed by our very own in-house balladeers. Good to see everybody.

  195. Wayne Coward says:

    Hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving and lots of good food. Lisa was home for the day. Have enjoyed having her here. Wishing all a very happy holiday season.

  196. Chuck Markham says:

    Here’s wishing all of you a happy thanksgiving. Hope you are able to spend it with those you love. Family all weekend. Then Sara and Bob Alberts are dropping by. Have the “Wild Turkey American Honey” in stock.

  197. Chuck Markham says:

    I recieved this message from Sandy Reed’s wife. He is having some memory problems but those of you who flew with him might want to contact him. I intend to call him this evening.

    Nov 10 (3 days ago)


    I am attaching some old photos of Sandy taken in Vietnam, in hopes that someone will recognise him. One photo is our wedding day, 7/14/1983 in Singapore.

    I looked at his DD214, it indicated he was in Vietnam March 70 to March 71. He flew a Huey Helicopter.

    The names he used to remember are Mike Stark and Chuck Markham. He is very proud to have served in Vietnam and talks about it often.

    He does have more photos (in boxes!!) and I hope to go through them soon.

    Please share this info with everyone as we hope to connect with someone who have served in Vietnam with him.

    Best Wishes,

    Tee Seng Reed
    (603) 759 3659
    New Hampshire

  198. Robert Stucke / SK61 USFS Fire Command Pilot says:

    Hello Everyone

    I just wanted to let everybody who knew Mark Cornwall know that I lost a really close and a long time friend and a fellow Falcon. I received a call from his brother on the 6th letting me know that Mark was in critical condition at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. On the 8th his brother called to let me know that Mark Cornwall passed away that evening from complication with Hep C and Liver failure. I haven’t herd from his brother yet on funeral arrangements.

  199. Larry Matthews says:

    We just got back home Sunday evening (11/11/2012) from the Reunion. A good trip and, I believe, a good time was had by all. Best I can tell you we had 64 BMT guys there and 36 “guests” (wives, friends, and family members) for a total of 100 – our best attended reunion yet.

    It was great to see everyone (and even better to be seen). If you haven’t been to one of our reunions think about this – for 2-3 days you are the same age you were 42 – 47 years ago.

    The following were offered as potential sites for the 2014 Reunion (start planning now to attend): Charlotte, NC; Ft. Rucker, AL; Las Vegas, NV, Anchorage, AK (Dean Owen threw that in), and Washington, DC (if we have in in DC we’ll move the dates to Columbus Day – if not, we’ll keep it on Veteran’s Day).

    I look forward to seeing you guys in a couple of years – stay safe, happy, and healthy.

  200. Chuck Markham says:

    it was a get together not togather. I’m not much of a typist.

  201. Chuck Markham says:

    The reunion was another get togather of the guys who I shall call brothers because friends just don’t do it. Loads of laughter and a few tears, great time. Already looking forward to the next one.

  202. Al Owen - StageCoach20 says:

    Looking forward to next week and seeing more of our folks, like Joe Harrellson, whom I haven’t seen since I left in 1968… I’m coming early and will arrive Wednesday afternoon… Bob Nickle will be in Thursday and H.C. Waters will be on a business trip, but intends to drop in on us ……..I didn’t get a response from Ulakovic, Gwaltney or Blume…… Glad to see Ken Donavon is on the list …

  203. Bruce L. Mc Innes says:

    Bruce L. Mc Innes says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    November 1, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Hello all. Really looking forward to some new wrinkles on old faces. I want to bring something to the attention of any air crew members: You may be eligible for membership in the Special Operations Association by dint of having flown B-50 missions across the border for CCS. I have recently joined, and went to their reunion in Vegas where I was VERY much welcomed. I’ll bring applications with me to Atlanta. Their rules only allow flight crews, unfortunately.
    See y’all in Atlanta!

    Bruce Mc Innes
    Stagecoach 27
    May ’69 – Dec ’70

    • grant wheaton says:

      hi bruce, i think i was your gunner many times. i would be interested in joining, i am not going to atlanta, can you e-mail me an app?

      thank; grant

      • Al Owen - StageCoach20 says:

        You might want to look at their website and check the membership requirements.. They are very specific and just flying missions for them may not qualify you to be a member ..
        Enter the website and click on the Membership tab ….
        If you think you qualify, you can contact Cal Rollins… his info is at the bottom of the requirements page …
        Good Luck, it’s a great group of guys …
        Al Owen

    • Jim Haga says:

      Hi Bruce,
      I talked to their membership chairman about this, and was told that you had to be with the 155th during two very specific periods in 1966 only. Any insights?
      Regards, Jim

    • Al Owen says:

      Jim…. I think he is mistaken .. The missions flown on or around lMay 23,1969 when Jerry Green was shot down over the border also qualifies.. Armando Ramirez (CE) was killed and his body not recovered…
      I’m a member of the SOA, but got it thru my time with the 281stAHC.. Also a member of the SOA Riders (motorcycle) group. Every annual ride we take we lay a carnation under the Wreath we place for the MIA of Special Operations and the Air Crews that supported them… I had the Honor of placing the one for Amando for the last few years..
      The qualifier I’s not just the mission, but engagement with the enemy (hostile fire) …
      If you call him back and you pfit this time frame, ask him to contact either Larry Trimble or Robert Strange, both are on the Board of Directors of SOA And give my name as a contact point for Larry & Robert for verification…
      Hope this helps!
      Al. StageCoach20
      Aka. WolfPack34. (281st).

  204. Bob gardner - Falcon 5 68-69 says:

    Looks like the reunion is coming together with a record number of attendees!
    Many thanks to Bobby Goolsby, Matt, and Elizabeth for all their efforts to put it together. When you see one of them in ATL give them a pat on the back. They deserve it! See ya in about a week!
    Bob g
    Don’t forget to vote. Our service members need our support!

    • Don Schneider says:

      You’re most likely the Bob Gardner that I’ve seen in the address listing of some of the emails that I’ve gotten from Tom Mullen who flew in Falcon 7 (I think). I’m a Jarhead and don’t know anything about Army Aviation. Have known Tom since ’69- he thought of some of you guys as family. He died at home yesterday
      21 Jan 2014. No obit info avail yet.

  205. sp5 Roel Vaughn Stagecoach 68/69 says:

    I live only 2 and 1/2 hours from Atlanta.I hope to make it to the reunion but I won’t be staying at the hotel.

  206. Mark O. Hayes, Stagecoach 11, BMT 66-67 says:

    Great site!!!
    Can’t make Atlanta this year, we’re headed to Arizona as first time Snowbirds.
    Looking forward to more posts on this site and I have a lot of BMT pictures I will get scanned and make available when I get them scanned.

    Missoula, Montana

  207. Denny Fenlon Falcon 4 says:

    So my wife and I are sitting at a cafe in Ban Me Thout having a heinekin after 43+ years. On a two week visit to VN. BMT is a very large city with 370,000 people. Everyone has been super nice. Really no connection to 1969, progress moves things on. I am posting some pics. Denny Fenlon

  208. Delmer Sayer says:

    on the west coast can’t make reunion. waiting for my freedom machine(2013 harley street bob.

  209. Dave Skoog says:

    I am going to Florida to work on a new house and will be going through Atlanta on that weekend, so I will be stopping in, maybe for both Fri. and Sat evenings. Patti can’t make it on this one, but I’ll try to make for her. Look forward to meeting up with old friends and seeing some for the first time in a long time. Dave Skoog , Jan 68, went to 92nd late 68 to Jan 70

  210. Jim Brainard, sheet metal shop 68 - 70 says:

    Hi all,
    My wife and I made reservations for the Nov 8 reunion. Being our first time, I hope to have a great visit with some old friends.
    Be safe and healthy,

  211. Al Owen - StageCoach20 says:

    Sent out a couple of emails tonight to some of our guys that were from the 68-69 era… H.C. Watters, Bob Nickle, Bill Blume, Dizz Gwaltney, Jim Ulakovic and my Chief – Mike “Monk” Andrews …. Hope to get them on board for the Atlanta reunion..

  212. Gary Rickett says:

    Hi Guys, I have many good memories. I guess I have forgotten all the bad. I hope you are all well. Contact me if you want at Gary

    PS I was know as Rick at the 155th

  213. grant wheaton says:

    i just recently found the 155th website, it is good to see some old names, brings back memories of my time at the 155. sounds like we have plenty of pictures, probably don`t need mine. i am not able to make the reunion this year, maybe the next one.
    welcome aboard grant!

  214. Chuck Markham says:

    Looks like a hell of a project. It must cost a ton to put one of those old birds in the air and anothe 2 or 3 tons to keep it there. If you come to the reunion we’ll discuss it and maybe some of us will get on board. Love the web page. Good start.

  215. Jim Haga says:

    Hi All – I formed Liberty War Bird Association, a non-profit to acquire, restore, and fly Vietnam-era aircraft – hopefully a Stagecoach ship! If anyone has ANY ideas as to where we can find a Huey project to restore, please let me know. Visit our site if you can. I posted some of my 155th pictures – It would be fantastic if we could fly a Stagecoach ship to the 2014 reunion. Thanks and welcome home everyone.
    Stagecoach 17/Falcon 10

  216. Chuck Markham says:

    We have had a lot of questions about the reunion. This is my take on what has historically happened. I think thurs the 8th will mostly be for those responsible for organizing. The social part will start mostly Friday. Morning has historically been registration and and mingling. Fri evening we usually all go someplace and eat and visit, come back to the hospitality room and continue. Saturday is usually spent in the hospitality room, and for some, individually taking in local attractions. the official dinner and officer elections is usually saturday evening. Sunday is normally the pack up and depart day.

  217. Leo Melonson says:

    Opps! Just revised reservation for Atl, GA for 11/8 thru 11/11. See ya there!

  218. Leo Melonson says:

    Outstanding job on the 155 website! Looking forward to attending the reunion in Oct/2012. I have lost touch with all my buddies from BMT 66/67. I can’t wait to hook up with some of the old Maint. crew!

  219. Larry Matthews says:

    Looking good…. I keep seeing that list of Reunion attendees growing.

    A lot of new names which is terrific.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.


  220. Jim Stotler says:

    My first time to the new site. I plan to make it to the reunion in Nov. My time with the A/1st… 155th was ’65-’66.

  221. Bruce L. Mc Innes says:

    The site looks great. One can only imagine how much work goes into establishing and maintaining a site of this complexity. Thanks to all who do that for the benefit of the rest of us.
    Just registered for Atlanta. Looking forward to seeing everybody!

    Bruce Mc Innes, the last Stagecoach 27. May ’69-Dec ’70. (And 1993)

  222. Chuck Markham says:


    Its been a rough year but maybe at the reunion we can get some of these vacant slots filled. (newsletter editor, etc) Wish you would reconsider and join us. You will be missed.

    chuck markham
    Stagecoach 5 1970

  223. Gerald (Jerry) Bourquin 66/67 says:

    My compliments to Elizabeth Coward on this new site and a big thanks to Mary Baldwin for the work she did. I do miss seeingall the “OLD” guy’s and enjoy seeing their names in the paper. I regret that I will not be able to attend the reunion. It is a little warm here in Arizona, only 113 deg today. If you are passing through Goodyear give me a call- 623-322-2470. Stagecoach 12, Falcon 3

  224. Tom Maxwell says:

    Great job on the new web site. Thanks for all the hard work. Pic’s bring back a lot of memories.

  225. Chuck Markham says:

    We had a question asked about the reunion schedule and I answered it this way.

    We normally don’t have much of a schedule. We normally register Friday and early Saturday morning. I’m sure Bob Goolsby will have an optional activity or two arranged. We have our dinner and get together on Saturday evening and Matt usually does the memorial. We always have the hospitality room open From early morning until everyone goes to sleep. There will be a self serve bar and a keg in the hospitality room. You are not committed to anything and are perfectly free to visit the many attractions Atlanta has to offer. The hospitality room is usually loaded with picture albums. and other memorabilia, It’s just a chill out and catch up with old friends thing.

  226. Roel Vaughn says:

    I came to the 155th AHC in about July of 1968 as an air traffic controller. After about 6 months I went to work for captain Daniels and Sargent Floyd in flight operations. I finished my tour as duty roster clerk in the orderly room. I left Ban Me Thuot in about July of 1969. Spc 5 Roel Vaughn

    • jim spinks says:

      I was with the first group to set up ATC at Ban Me Thuot. You may remember me as Spinks and another as Van Norman. I also was pulled into Flt. Ops by SFC Foster as he thought we were screwing off by our MOS. We set up the first day by climbing the wooden water tower and using a FM PRC-125.

      • Roel Vaughn says:

        Hello Spinks ,I remember you and Van Norman well. We all went to AIT together and came to Ban Me Thuot together. After my tour I ended back at Ft. Rucker with Ski or Spyhoulski. Some of the other ATC guys I remember are: Boundros and Patterson. My email is

  227. Chuck Markham says:

    Hey Joe. I sent you an email.


  228. JOE KINDER says:


  229. Sam Belshaw says:

    Anyone thinking about diving in the aquarium in Ga. must have a time slot arranged in advance, quite often there is a waiting list. You must get on the list first.

  230. Rod Waddell says:

    With regards to Atlanta & activities: The Atlanta Aquarium is the largest in the world. We plan to attend and swim there on Friday. If interested in going, please get tickets ahead of time. There is also the World of Coco-Cola a 90 minute tour daily, Fountain of the Rings in the olympic park, CNN News Studios a 1 hr tour, Stone Mountain Park/museum, King Center (Martin Luther King), and I undertstand there to be a Veterans Day Parade. Lets have a wonderful gathering and social time. Rod Waddell

  231. william brooks 073 says:

    Thanks Larry , for the headsup on the B-50 missions . I almost forgot about setting at Bu Prang waiting on the call ., eather to take them in or go get them with the ropes . Once we ran a group of them into a tree on the way back . Next day we had to take training classes at east feild . That means we got to ride the ropes . What a ride that was …Did you ever get to ride the ropes??????????

    • Dan Miller (aka in country MD) says:

      I remember the B 50 stand by at Ban Don. I guess Bu Prang was after my time?
      Left country in sept 70.

  232. Larry F. Colgan says:

    Hey this is Larry Colgan I was on the B50 missons from all of 1970, 1971, we were out of BuPrang those were the missons where we flew some guys into Cambodia and we flew back into Vietnam to BuPrang and waited, usually we didn’t have to wait very long hahah. If you get this message, give me a shout!

  233. Chuck Markham says:

    Does anyone have pictures of the 10th CAB, including the 155, memorial park at Fort Drum NY. I have a video but no stills.

    • JOE KINDER says:


  234. administrator says:

    Posted 6/13/2012 at 3:34 pm,EDT
    from Harold Higgs
    “It is my duty to have to report that Gene “Rabbit” Hoover has passed away due to complications connected with a stroke he suffered on Monday. Rabbit was a close and dear friend that I had the privege to have as a gunner in ’69. His girlfriend Lorie told me that there will be a memorial in the VFW in Detroit this Saturday, the 16th of June.”

    • Don Schneider says:

      Not a member, but friend since ’69 of one of your members who flew as a gunner w/ falcons. William T. (Tom) Mullen died at his home yesterday. Two who are probably members Tom spoke of often -Schrader and Gardner- please inform. No Obit info yet, will provide to any interested when avail.

      RIP Tom.

  235. Larry Pluhar says:

    June 1st, 1969, I arrived in “Rocket City” from DBT. Earlier that morning, I met J.C. Cole, who had been dispatched to retreive me from the high life in DBT. My first impression of J.C. was that he was a smart assed punk. Immediately I knew I liked him.

    We arrived in BMT late aftenoon. Most of the aircraft had returned from the day’s festivities and, not having been assigned a hooch, I found a bunch of pilots on top of a rather large bunker grilling steaks. I figured hangin near the steaks would be good. These guys were Raines, Sykora, Donovan and Abbott and Richardson. They were really impressed by the fact I was a CW2 – NOT. They offered me a steak with all the trimmings and declined an offer from me to pay for the food. It so happens that they had “liberated” the steaks from un unknown source in Pleiku earlier that day. The event eased on over to the club and that is where my memory of my first day in BMT becomes a bit fuzzy.

    My fondest memory of my time in the 155th was that there was no one I did not like. I hope the feeling was mutual.

  236. administrator says:

    Thanks for your comment. I was checking the number of pictures left to post this morning. There are about 1,600 pictures left to post. I will be busy retreiving comments from the old site. The old site will be up about two more weeks, then it is gone from the web. I have saved copies of all the “Guest Book” posts on the old site for future reference. I do have the DVD of retreived info from the old site, it does not include the comments with the pictures (gave copy of the DVD to Chuck Markham). Some of the comments did not match the pictures, if you notice something that is incorrect, let me know.


  237. Captain John Lunieski says:

    I am currently the Executive Officer of the 8th Medical Detachment, the descendant unit of the 8th MED DET that was attached to the 155th when it was in Vietnam. We are now an Airborne Forward Surgical Team stationed in Alaska but currently deployed in Afghanistan. I am just doing a little side project to track down the unit’s history and would love to see if anyone has any additional photos etc… from your time in the unit. Thank you very much for your service.

    • Larry Matthews says:

      The old website ( is presently still viewable but will be coming down VERY soon. You’ll see more pictures of BMT and the 8th MED guys there (not all of the pictures have been moved to the new (this one) website yet. I know that several of the pictures on the old website were provided by 8th MED personnel.

      The original flight surgeon has attended our reunions and has written articles for our newsletter (the Ban Me Thuot Barb).

    • Bruce L. Mc Innes says:

      I have an old roster which probably shows 8th med personnel for 1969-1970, if you don’t have that information.

      Bruce Mc Innes

    • Captain Leon E. Curry, MC/FS, 8th Med C.O. says:

      I was CO 8th Med Det April 65. Jerked from Ft. Bragg to command unit as it
      deployed from Ft. Riley to “undisclosed destination”. Flew to San Diego, boarded Iwo Jima carrier. 3 days at sea learned we were going to VN. Stopped at Pearl Harbor for medical supplies from Tripler to immunize, gamma globulin, etc for 3 AHCs and detachments. Flew 80 hueys off carrier 1 May 65, to Vung Tau, then BMT. More info in my book, THE DOCTOR AND THE PSYCHIC, Amazon. Have more info. Contact me at: See website Leon

    • Milo Taylor says:

      The original CO of the 8th Med was Capt. Leon Curry.. Great man and a good friend.
      He passed away this past July in Metter Georgia. When the unit (A Co 1st Avn Bn, 165th Maint, and *th Med) He had to operate out of boxes. We all came over on the Iwo Jima, a baby flat top carrier. I think the m*th was activated and attached to A Co at Ft Riley Kansas. Probably the last of April ?, 1965 and flown to San Diego and boarded the ship.
      Capt Curry siscovered that unit personnel did not have some of the required shots needed for VN. He had served at the big hospital in Hawaii and was a personal friend of the Hospital CO. He called ahead and when the Iwo docked the CO had the necessary supplies ready for Capt Curry. He was a great scrounger. His ability to make friends got us thru the early days in BMT. He would make a trip to Nha Trang or Siagon and come back with a bunch of supplies. There was an orphanage in BMT and taking care of them was his personal project. Also a Lepper Colony outside of town and he took care of them also. One of the VN girls that worked in the O Club had crossed eyes. Thru his friendship with a noted Eye Surgeon in Saigon he got her eyes fixed. Details of the flights and surgery remain secret. He was tireless in his endeavor to fix and heal ev erybody. Would have prob ably patched up the VC if he could have got to them.
      After his time in the Army he returned to his hometown of Metter Georgia and operated a very successful practice for 45 or 50 years. He set up the first (loss for words. Where the blood is recycled) clinic in a wide area around Metter. Was in the Air Nationa Guard and when he retired he was a Colonel, CO of the Gtoup Medical unit.
      He was loved by all at the 155th reunions
      Milo Taylor (

  238. Cwo-2 Norman w swafford says:

    Just saying hello. Still alive and well in Missouri Plan on making the Atlanta reunion

  239. Chuck Markham says:

    Hope everyone is planning to attend the reunion in Atlanta, Veterans Day weekend. I made the one in St. Louis and intend to see all of you in Georgia.

  240. Alex Saunders says:

    Great site and great appreciation for all your support during those “interesting times” of 1969-1970 in BMT and points West.
    CCS/B-50 Recon
    RT Hatchet ’69

  241. Bruce L. Mc Innes says:

    Sorry. Hit the ‘Post Comment’ button by accident.
    EVERYTHING possible to protect and defend all others on a mission. These crews – and SF guys – did that then. Rick, you didn’t leave anybody in. You got a number of people out! In my book, that counts for everything. Thanks to you all for being fantastic examples of what aircrews in combat all want to be: able – and ready – to do whatever it takes.

    • bo dolph says:


      I am that SF guy that Rick Menzel “left in” on 5May69. If he is still alive would you please contact him for me & have him contact me via Email , snail mail or phone . Without getting all bravo on you, he did the right thing ! I want him to stop “feeling bad” about this. In the math of survival he could risk several to probably not save one. After reading the report in Col.Lindsey’s book , can say his actions (all) were honorable & the best in a horrible situtation.

      My home address is : Bo Dolph;PO Box 986; Unadilla,Ga 31091

      If Mr. Menzel is not alive, please relay the above message to his family.

      Thank You,

      • Rick Menzel says:

        In early December, Les Davison contacted me to ask if I would be interested in LTC Lindsey’s book “Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia”. My initial gut reaction was to tell him no as I have really been trying to put my memories of what we referred to as the “B50” missions behind. But for some reason I forwarded him my address and he graciously sent me a copy inscribed to him by the author which I received just before Xmas. It stirred up a lot of feelings which I had feared it might.

        Then on New Year’s Eve day, I received a card and a note from SGT Arthur “Bo” Dolph, the SF team leader that I left behind in Cambodia on 05/23/69 and whose name I had not previously known. I have responded to Bo privately but suffice it to say his kind and forgiving words broke this old warrior down and, after 43 years, finally allowed resolution.

        • bo dolph says:

          Computer crashed,haven’t had an opportunity to read the comments at the 155th guestbook site. Thank you for your comments. I have 1 objection though – I have nothing to forgive you for. Your actions were the best & only things anyone could do.
          Instead of forgiveness use the word “clarifacting”. I can not wait to meet you in person at the SOA’s or 155th’s reunion. I will consider it an honor to buy a cup of coffee for an old friend who I’ve never met!

  242. Bruce L. Mc Innes says:

    Thanks for the great effort required to get the new site up and running.

    Just read the latest Barb. I arrive in BMT just after that terrible day in May, and was not a part of it. It makes me feel great (again) to have later known – and flown with – some of the players. All are heroes. And Rick Menzel, cut yourself some slack: We all know that nobody could have done more than you did that day. The recounting of this day by these brave men shines light on an old truth, learned in flight school and proven again and again in Vietnam: Our aircrews will do everything – EVERYTHING

  243. Chuck Markham says:

    We now have the Falcon patches back in stock and I have started aquiring a “boonie hat” with stagecoach patch and one with the Falcon patch.” Email me for more information.

  244. John C Robertson says:

    Gentlemen..I was forwarded to this site by one of your 67-68 pilots ..I was the 52nd CAB Pathfinder Detachment Cmdr(2LT-1LT) 67-68..We keep a Pthfdr Tm stationed with you in Bam Me Thout…Thank You Phil Phil & I were in high school together in the bay area for a couple of yrs..
    The reason for my note today is/ was..I wanted to report I had a wonderful visit with Chuck(Charles) Pease..At one time he was know to be one of the longest in grade Captains..He served as the 155th Opns Officer during my tenure in Nam..Tecknically we(Pthfdrs) worked for him..Wonderful memories of getting done for the day and going to the swimming pool and a cold beer to end the day with..
    I justed wanted to say I tracked Chuch Pease, COL, USA, Retired ,to his home is southwest Missouri..He has an excellent hunting ranch property..His house & wife are great ..He has his own humming bird rockery of 100’s of birds that call his back porch home..

    Back thenThen Capt Pease & I had a few rough days having to do insertions of CC teams in the overall area of’s in never never land mid 1967..

    I just wanted to say “Welcome home” to all 155 people..

    Vern Gano for the last 20 years has organized a Battalion get together in St Louis every other year..This yrs event with be Oct 4-5-6-7..Please go to our web site for more info(52nd CAB & Camp Holloway Assn)..

    I invited Chuck to join us this year..but he is in a slowing down mode due to age related factors..He was as gracious of a host to me last yr at his ranch as he was when he made me & my team go thru a Stagecoach Initiation as I recall some sort of Flaming concoction of good stuff without stopping..I think we all passed…
    Therefore we celebrate our given Bam Me Thout call sign of Stage Coach Scout..etc, etc

    Welcome home all..
    God Bless

    John & Karen Robertson
    Florence, Oregon

    • Cwo-2 Norman w swafford says:

      Charlie pease. Lives in the area of weat plains Missouri. About two hours east of Springfield

      • Jim Haga says:

        Hi Norm – Best to Captain (then) Pease. John, I think you and I played a “mean” game of Hearts, if I’m remembering correctly. Glad everyone is well.

        Jim Haga
        Stagecoach 17, 66-68

      • Gene Simmons says:

        I was in the 155th 67-68 with you. Just found this sight. Any others from our era here or you know of?

        • admin says:

          Message copied and posted by webmaster

          Gene most of the guys you were with when we were there are connected to this 155th site. , Acker, Grow, Henry, Harris, Pullem. the list goes on. Good to hear from you. I hope you are well and life is good. My regular le-mail is I am also on face book. lots of our guys are on facebook. If you are not Get on the bus. its a great way to stay in touch. Norm Stagecoach 4.

    • Eric Hunt says:


      Please consider attending the National Pathfinder Assn Reunion at Fort Benning in Sept 2015. There will be other 52nd CAB Pathfinders there.

  245. Chuck Markham says:

    Today I emailed the Information Officer at Fort Rucker and expressed my disappointment with the Aviation branch for allowing that soldier to die on that forsaken road in Afghanistan. In our day, before the special branch, someone would have gotten him to a hospital especially since there was no enemy fire at his location, and even if it was hot someone would have gone for him.

  246. Rod Waddell says:

    Hello to all, and I will follow the words of those spoken before me in thanking Elizabeth for her efforts to allow us to stay in contact with each other. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by ALL.
    It has been several months since I last enjoyed reading the comments from the 155th AHC but it is always refreshing. I will try not to let the dust settle on my door mat. Doris and I hope to see you at the reunion this year. Take Care and Bless to all, Rod.

  247. Fred Faria says:

    Happy New Year…!

  248. Chuck Markham says:

    Happy new year guys and gals. Be happy.

  249. Larry "Matt" Matthews says:

    To my 155th AHC Association brothers and their families, have a very safe, happy, and healthy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember the reason for the season.

  250. Larry Colgan says:

    I havent seen the new site yet but wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL i know an to the ones I hope to meet one day. God Bless you all.

  251. Chuck Markham says:

    Here it is Christmas again. I thank the lord that I am here to enjoy my grandchildren and try every time I hear one of them laugh, to think about those who went with us and are unable to ever have that experience. Merry Christmas everybody. I hope yours will be as joyful as I expect mine to be.

  252. Wiley Diamond - Stagecoach 28 (70-71) says:

    Hi Elizabeth – you have done a truly amazing job on the new website!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Ken Donovan says:

      Wiley–glad you made it back, Merry Christmas. I was Stagecoach 28 in 1968-69.

      Ken Donovan

      • Al Owen says:

        Hey Ken …. Hope to see you at the reunion in Atlanta in November!!
        Al Owen
        StageCoach 20 May-Dec-’68

      • bo dolph says:


        Thank you for your call. I notice you are in the same zip code as Ocala,Fl. I have a sister and brother-in-law there. My email is Will be pleased to discuss anything about that operation that I can remember. My memory ends after I made the call for exfil, but maybe it will help.

        Bo Dolph

  253. Ron Polly says:

    What a job. You have done better that great. Thanks

  254. Milo Taylor says:

    You have truely gone “Above and Beyond” in the 155th tradition. The new website is fantastic. Lots of hard work on your part and it is certainly appreciated by all who will view your work.

  255. I came in sept. or oct. of 70′ as a prop and rodder mech., but was put in the engine shop to take over for “zak” who ran the shop and was leaving. Sorry guys, I didn’t know ‘shit’! After the 155 shut down I went “dong ba tin” to the 243rd hook unit and then to the 192nd assult hel. unit. I’ve got lots of photos of all 3 units to share. Please let me know how? spc.4 McLachlam

    • administrator says:

      Welcome to my crazy world. Would love to have some of your pics to add to the site, but I do request your patience I still have almost 2400 photos to get posted from the old site. I will email you instructions on how to sent them. Right not my email box overflows. Glad to have your contact info which I have sent to our “database guy”. Hope you make it to Atlanta next year.

  256. Jim Brainard says:

    Wow, this new website is fantastic! Can’t wait until the photo links are all up and running. I hope all are well.
    Jim from the 155th sheet metal shop 68 – 70

  257. Robert "Bo" Atkinson says:

    Thanks for taking this task for all of us. I have a new email address for all who want to
    email me.

  258. James Overstreet '65-66 says:

    Great job with new web site.

  259. william brooks says:

    Great web site .Thanks forall your hard work..,

  260. Anthony "Dave" Patella says:

    Outstanding work on the site.
    *Assigned to 155th_67′ 68′.

  261. Tom Hunt says:

    Great job. Looking forward to the reunion next year. Becky and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  262. Vince Giarratano says:

    what a great looking web page. thanks much to all that contributed.

  263. Pat Goerig says:

    GREAT job with the new website, Elizabeth.

    Thanks for all your hard work for all of us.

    You “sure done us proud”

  264. Lou Lupo says:

    Great job ! I was attached to the 155th with the 143 Signal Battalion part of the 8th/26th Artillery HQ in An Khe. We had a MPQ Anti- mortar/rocket Radar installation naer the Helicopter Reventments in BHT. 1967-69.

  265. Sam Schwartz says:

    Wonderful Job!!
    The site looks great and I will pass it on to my fellow Pterodactyls.
    Pterodactyl 36

  266. Gary Rickett says:

    Your hard work is appreciated! I always enjoy catching up. Gary

  267. Rick Farlow says:

    Great job guys!

  268. Ed Graham says:

    Great web site. Thanks for all your hard work!

  269. We have loaded a number of photos on Flickr here is the link for anyone that is intersted. Falcon 1 Terry Westbrook

  270. Bob Moyer says:

    This web site is looking great – thanks for all your hard work – will be checking it regularly

  271. Chuck Markham says:

    Have a happy Thanksgiving guys and Gals. I know I will.

  272. admin says:

    Welcome to the revived 155th website. It is still being constructed. There will be new items added (plan to post “Barbs”) as soon as possible. The pictures from the old site will all be added as quickly as possible. I have more than 2,000 pictures to add, your patience will be appreciated. If you see something that I have transferred incorrectly, please let me know. You can use the “Guest Book” or the email address on this page.
    I am also saving posts from the previous site Guest Book if anyone needs to check on previous posts.
    The old site will stay up for the time being. It will be closed when the new site is complete.

    • Dave Noble says:

      Hello Admin,
      The site looks great, all your hard work is certainly appreciated. I run a coin collecting site myself, so I know it can be very time consuming. LOOK forward to all your new additions after the Holidays, take care and thanks again.

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