Catch 22

The brotherhood shared by the medics at the 8th Medical Dispensary at BMT 1968-69. Dr. Mirman, Alan Rosenbaum, Tom Wanyo, Peanut Reyna, Jim Waters, William Pishlo, Lloyd Beemer, and me BAND OF BROTHERS Talk about a group from all around who ended up together in a far off land We became a band of brothers from Medical Detachment # 8 who went to make a stand. Ban Me Thout, Republic of Vietnam, was our home away from home. Our mission was to serve the men of the 155th Assault Helicopter Company The brave men who flew ships called the Stagecoaches and the Falcons We band of brothers have gone our seperate ways Now trying to find eachother as we are reminded of our glory days. Days that seemed so long ago are from a distant past In our day dreams and in our visions of the night our memories held fast I often wonder what happend to this band of men They were my friends so very long ago. I look at old faded photographs and I feel full of pride As I recalled our time together so long ago. We seemed so young back then and so very thin I miss this band of brothers and long to see them once again. Assigned to guide me around, he just liked to have fun, he was cool. We became fast friends, he was always there with a ready smile. He took us with him to 8th Medical in Ban Me Thout. He taught us about treatment, suturing and such, we mostly did sick-call. There I met Alan Rosenbaum, he was from Philly, we could tell He talked that way, we just called him Rosey, he ask questions night and day He ordered supplies and in his haste he ordered 18 crates of bandaids, I think they are still using them today in that land so very far away. He had a pal named Tom Wanyo, they were home town boys for sure Two guys from Philly and the good old Dr. Mirman was from there too. Somehow I think we survived listening about the great state of PA. It helped to pass the time away. Then there was Reyna we called him Peanut for short I think he was from Chicago - a guy who knew alot. He was well versed and liked to poke fun and he is not forgot He made it interesting for sure. He and the brother named Jim Waters Were fast friends to be sure. We all lived together trying to survive so very far away. How can we forget our lab guy William Pishlo - he joined right in fitting in with us He completed this band of brothers with his sense of wonder and humor to be sure. So were ever you all are today I wish and hope and pray you are well And that as you go from day to day That you'll stop and wonder about each of us. Please don't stop your searching to find us all for I hope we can come together Kerry "Doc" Pardue