A Man Named Paul

A Man Named Paul Dennis Painter George Montgomery Tomas Gonzales Known to my father as friends because they share the face of black granite next to his name on a wall. Do their children, brothers or mothers have their names captured in a frame on the living room mantel? Do the people these men left behind also know my father's name because they followed each other in death by some coincidence or fate? Somewhere else I'm sure a little boy asks his father about his grandfather who died in that war. And while looking at a picture that reflects a portion of the wall where his grandfather's name is held, he wonders about a man named Paul. Cris Larson (son of Stagecoach pilot Paul Larson, KIA in the Apr '68 mid-air collision) On April 19, 1968 my father died. There is nothing that can change that, being that I was given the opportunity to meet you all, I simply thank God that he died as a member of the 155.